16 Creative Ways to Use Major Jars at Home

These glass jars have a long history in the United States and are known for being environmentally friendly. Glass jars, like our old-fashioned flour sack towels, can be reused in a variety of ways! 

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16 Creative Ways to Use Major Jars at Home
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They are manufactured by a few well-known companies. Mason jars, Ball jars, and Ker jars are all terms you've probably heard of. In this post, we will use the term "mason jar" to refer to any type, style, or brand of the glass jar. 

Glass jars have numerous applications, ranging from canning homemade goods such as jams and jellies to storing wet and dry cooking ingredients. Mason jars are also great for holding liquids and just about anything else that will fit in them due to their airtight lid design and heat-resistant glass construction. 

Here are 20 ways to use a mason jar creatively:

Salt or Herb Shaker

You can easily add a spout to your mason jar so that it can be used to pour spices out like a regular salt container. Use it to store unrefined sea salt or ground herbs such as minced garlic, basil leaves, or your own seasoning blend.

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Mason Jar Herb Garden

I love using herbs for home remedies and cooking, but I don't always want to go out to the garden to gather the herbs I need. With this mason jar herb garden, you can take your windowsill herb garden to the next level. It can be hung on the wall or placed on a counter where it will receive plenty of sunlight for easy access to herbs while cooking.

Storage Container for Twine

Or ribbon, yarn, string, or... To keep your yarn from tangling as you use it, use a lid with a hole in it. This is ideal for craft time with the kids because small hands can't always figure out how to use an item like this without creating a tangled mess.

Vintage-Vibe Mason Jar Lights

Make mason jars a part of your home décor with these vintage-inspired mason jar lights. Because you'll need a light kit, these are a little more time-consuming than some of the other crafts, but it's still a very simple and straightforward project. They can be used as a standing lamp on a table or hung from the ceiling.

Storage Shelf

If you like using mason jars for storage but want something more stable, try this mason jar storage shelf. The tutorial is intended for storing sewing supplies, but it would also work for craft supplies. You can even use this as a mason jar spice rack in your kitchen to store herbs.

Snow Globe

Sparkly and glittery items, such as these DIY snow globes, are popular with children. You can even switch out the objects inside to suit the season.

Single-Serving Smoothie Maker

Did you know that your blender blades might fit perfectly on a pint-sized mason jar? Fill a mason jar with fresh fruit, vegetables, milk kefir, or whatever else you want for a single-serving smoothie.

Bird Feeder

Although this feeder is intended for birds, we all know squirrels and raccoons will go to great lengths to get a nibble. This is an excellent method for attracting more birds to your yard and garden. Make sure to use healthy bird feed, and get the mason jar bird feeder instructions here.

Mini Sewing Kit & Pin Cushion

If you enjoy sewing (or know someone who does! ), this is the craft for you. Small sewing supplies, such as thread and mini scissors, can be stored inside, and the lid doubles as a pincushion.

Toothbrush Holder

With this rustic toothbrush holder, you can bring the mason jar vibe into your bathroom. The top is made of chicken wire to keep the toothbrushes separate. All you need now are some Bass toothbrushes and some homemade toothpaste on the side.

Tiki Torch

Pull out some mason jar tiki torches when you're outside with the family and need some lighting. They'd also be adorable as centerpieces for an outdoor event. Because most tiki torch fuel is derived from petroleum and is highly toxic, you'll probably want to use a safer, eco-friendly oil like this one, which is derived from palm kernels in a sustainable manner.

Painted Salt & Pepper Shakers

To make matching salt and pepper shakers fit for any dinner table, use matte paint and a stencil design. For this project, you'll need four 4 oz jelly jars.

Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason jars make excellent lighting and adorable chandeliers. If you want some color but don't want to use glass stain paint, you can use the blue-tinted jars. You can try out a simple tutorial for a mason jar chandelier here.

Frosted Mason Jars in a Wooden Caddy

This blogger sprayed her mason jars with frosted glass spray paint before stacking them in a repurposed wood caddy. For a pop of color, the caddy and mason jar bands are both painted blue. It can be used at a picnic or simply on the kitchen counter to hold silverware or reusable straws.

 Single-Serving Meals

A mason jar can hold almost any meal. There are salads in mason jars, trifles in mason jars, and even overnight oats in mason jars. They keep well in the fridge, and the leak-proof lids make them ideal for on-the-go consumption. They're also great for storing kid snacks.

Mason Jar to Go

A step up from simply storing a meal in a mason jar. We really love these Mason Jar to Go lids. They allow the attachment of two mason jars with a single metal (BPA-free!) lid. This is great for yogurt and fruit, salads, dressing, and so much more!


Now that you learn many mason jar hacks to enjoy, it’s time to get started! First of all, get your hands on the best mason jars from jars china. 

From your kitchen to bathroom, and even bedroom, mason jars can make their space easily. All you need to do is come up with an interesting idea to beautify those old mason jars.

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