Being Tech-Savvy 101: 6 Tricks You Can Do with Your PDF File

If you think PDF files are just about keeping the file secure and more accessible—which in itself is a big help already, by the way—that is when you are wrong. You can think of PDF files as file formats with lots of hidden gems. Yes, you read that right! You can do a lot of things with something as plain and simple as PDF files.

Being Tech-Savvy 101: 6 Tricks You Can Do with Your PDF File
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These tips and tricks can greatly help you with most of your tasks and activities be it in school, office, and even at home! These hacks come in handy especially today when we become more reliant on the digital space and our processes are becoming more fast-paced. If you want to beat your deadlines and learn more about PDF files, just stay tuned. 

1. Add page numbers

You are now about to print or send your document at the last minute when you found out that you forgot to add page numbers to your file. Some will go back to the original file format, which is usually a word document, and edit their file there before they can convert it to PDF again. What you may not know is you can add page numbers to PDF directly. You heard that right—you no longer need to go through the lengthy process of returning to your word document, editing the content there, and converting your file again to PDF. 

With a reliable digital tool like PDFBear, you can edit your PDF and add the right page numbers with easy steps:

Upload your PDF file on the site.

Wait for the upload completion.

Place where you want your page numbers.

Click the “Number pages” option

Download your new paged PDF file. 

2. Convert from PDF

Another thing that might come in handy in the future is to know that you can also convert files from PDF files. The usual thing we do is to convert files to PDF. However, we may encounter PDF files online or anywhere that we want to add a few things to or present in a different way. For this, digital tools, again, will be your best friend. You no longer need to copy and paste the content from the PDF file and deal with the messed-up format. Instead, you can just directly convert your PDF to any desired file. PDFBear can convert your PDF file to a word document, PPT, Excel, PPT, and even to images like JPG and PNG. You can also convert your PDF file to PDF/a. 

3. Split and/or merge PDF files

Are you someone who finds it hard to function if their files are all messed up? We cannot avoid encountering PDF files that are awkwardly cut or arranged, especially online. With this, we might have a solution. Another thing that may help you with all your digital processes is splitting and/or merging PDF files. 

When you split PDF files, you can divide your PDF files into parts. By splitting your PDF files, you can rearrange them or divide them however you want. If you want to divide large PDF files by chapters for easier scrolling, this tool will help you a lot. As for merging files, this will also come in handy if you want to consolidate reports, chapters, and other documents. 

4. Edit PDF

We mentioned how hassle it is to find out the things you need to edit at the last minute when you have already finalized your document in a PDF format. Sure, PDF files are great for securing your document and keeping its integrity but on the other hand, what if you need to edit it? 

Here is the good news for you: you can make edits directly on your PDF file. If you think that this contradicts its purpose of securing your file, we will explain that further. Also, when editing your PDF file, you cannot just edit it on the get-go. You still need to seek a reliable PDF tool that allows you to edit your PDF file, like PDFBear. 

With more convenient PDF editing, you can now chase those last-minute editing and beat your deadlines! You might find that this comes in handy especially since we are living a fast-paced lifestyle. 

5. Password-protect your PDF

Applying passwords to your PDF is what seals the security of your PDF files and keeps unauthorized users from editing, copying, and sometimes, even viewing your PDF file. Password-protecting your PDF files will be quite helpful especially if you will send confidential files, reports regarding your business, and legal documents. To add passwords to your PDF files, you need to choose a trusted and secure PDF tool like PDFBear. Here, they make sure to delete from their server the PDF files you upload. 

6. Access documents via Kindle

Another thing that everyone loves about PDF files is how accessible they are. Yes, you read that right—you can even view documents using your Kindle with PDF files! Sometimes, it is difficult to look for the title that you are looking for in its epub or Mobi file format. 

What you may find out are only PDF files. If you find yourself in this situation, you should go and download the PDF file because you can still access the title or the document on your Kindle with PDF. Viewing PDF documents on your Kindle is also convenient if you need to review the documents in your work. 

If you have extra time, you can also choose a reliable digital tool where you can convert PDF to the right file format for your Kindle. 

Choose secure tools and sites only

Now that you know some tips and tricks that you can do to maximize the use of your PDF files, it is now up to you to try them all out. Little did we know that you can do such activities using only your PDF file when we only use it for securing our documents before! The best thing is you can still do a lot more with your PDF file if you use reliable digital tools, such as Check them out and see how they can help you with your activities!

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