Top File Sharing Tools for Businesses in 2021

File sharing tools are now more than just a way to share files. They provide businesses with the ability to collaborate better and with more efficiency. The traditional way of exchanging data is through physical or electronic means. Now, file-sharing tools have made it possible to exchange data online with other users by using the internet. These tools provide us with a platform for uploading files and accessing them instantly, either on your computer or someone else's.

Top File Sharing Tools for Businesses in 2021
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They help you share files online and save time by providing different file formats that can be shared easily between people of any background, culture, or profession. Apart from this, they also allow you to work remotely without travel expenses like flights, accommodation, etc., which would otherwise be required. If you’re running an online business, here are some file-sharing tools to explore.


GogoPDF is a free, web-based file conversion tool that converts any file to PDF online. It can convert various formats to PDF such as Word, PowerPoint. and more. If you need to share an excel file in an easily readable form, you can convert Excel to PDF in just a few clicks.

GogoPDF is free and easy to use because it does not require installation and can be used from any computer with an internet connection. With this tool, you can convert your files into the most popular format.

GogoPDF is also a file-sharing tool that enables you to share files online with anyone securely. It is a free service that can be used from any device and from anywhere. Without worrying about file size limitations and restrictions, you can send the files like emails or upload them to your social media.

The service also helps businesses by making it easy to transfer documents with their clients and partners. Files shared on GogoPDF are not stored on third-party servers, allowing users to work without worrying about cyber threats such as hacking.

We offer a free service for sharing your files online. GogoPDF lets you send any file to clients, partners, and peers. It’s an easy way to share files with anyone you need to. This software provides a user-friendly interface, and it only takes a few seconds to create an account.


One Hub is a cloud storage service that provides digital space where you can store your files, back up your devices, and share them with friends and family. One Hub also has a website that allows users to access or upload their documents and images from anywhere on any device. Users can also search for content amongst other users in the One Hub database.

With One Hub, you can share any file type - photos, videos, documents, voice recordings, etc. One Hub promises high security and privacy for all its users. It encrypts files with a high encryption algorithm to ensure your data is safe from prying eyes, including hackers or government agencies.

DropBox Business

DropBox is one of the world's most popular cloud storage services with millions of active users. The company offers a platform where users can share digital files online with their friends, family, and colleagues. DropBox is not just for business use, and it’s available for personal use as well.

It has become popular due to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. DropBox is a digital sharing service in which people can upload and share their personal and professional documents simply and securely. It also allows users to connect with others, share files, or collaborate on projects in real-time through its messaging system.

DropBox has been around since 2007 and has experienced continuous growth since then. The company also provides a free account for anyone who wants to try out the service before signing up for a paid subscription.

Google Drive

Google Drive lets you store your files online for easy access, for free. It also gives you the option to share files with other users through a link. One of the main advantages of using Google Drive is a secure cloud storage service that automatically backs up your data and offers advanced security features.

Google Drive is a cloud storage service by Google. The company introduced its first version of Google Drive in 2012, and it has since evolved to include additional features such as sharing, collaboration, and file hosting.

Google Drive has its own set of advantages that help users save time, money, and effort and make backups to ensure security. Google Drive is now integrated with other Google services, making it easier for users to share files with friends or colleagues across platforms. This additional feature allows Google Drive to be the ideal platform for collaboration among teams and business owners.


Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service by Microsoft that allows users to store files online easily. It has been designed with security, access, and privacy in mind. From within the Office 365 suite of products, OneDrive for Business provides a seamless way to share and edit files with co-workers or clients on any device. OneDrive also includes features like document thumbnails and more to help businesses save money while making their products more efficient.

Some of the key features of Microsoft OneDrive are cross-platform syncing, desktop sync for Windows & macOS computers & tablets or phones with Office 365 apps installed.

With the capacity of 1 TB in the free tier, it’s easy to get started with accessing what you need from anywhere on any device. Microsoft OneDrive lets you organize your photos and videos into albums that can be shared with others or seen privately on one device. You can also see the recent activity for others in your organization or share files with colleagues with click-to-run sharing through OneDrive for Business.

Online tools for businesses are becoming an integral part of how companies collaborate and share files. They make it easier to share large files with other members in the workplace while working remotely or for people who are not in the same office.

File sharing tools have been around for a while now, and many businesses have already adapted to them. The main goal of these tools is to make it easier for people from different locations to work together. File sharing is the key to success in modern business. However, it can also create several problems, including security issues, which is why it is advised you choose the right tool carefully.

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