Tips for Reducing Stress During a Move

Moving to a new city, or even just across the street, can be incredibly exciting. However, it can also be quite stressful. Families, couples, and individuals who move frequently often find themselves starting to get stressed out far in advance, ruining what would otherwise be a satisfying experience.

Want to plan a move without dealing with all that anxiety? Read on to find out how to reduce stress during an impending move.

Tip #1: Trust the Professionals

By far the best way to reduce stress during a transition to a new home is to work with a move management company like Urban Clarity that can handle all the details. Move management pros provide far more help and guidance than traditional moving companies. They can help with everything from decluttering before the move to unpacking and arranging, and even finding storage.

Tip #2: Leave Enough Time

One of the top mistakes that people who plan their own moves make is trying to get everything done at the last minute. Instead of procrastinating, start planning well in advance, and make sure to leave enough time for each step of the process. Start researching moving companies or move managers months in advance, and leave at least two days to pack each room when undertaking this job alone. The local Fort Worth Moving Company will help you to get your belongings from Point A to Point B. 

The more tasks get left until the last minute, the more stressed out everyone will be. Procrastinating also makes it more likely that those responsible for planning the move will forget about key things like setting up utilities in the new house or leaving enough time to thoroughly clean the old one to get back 100% of their deposits.

Tip #3: Start Small

Feeling overwhelmed by how much needs to get done before the move-out date? Instead of focusing on the big picture, try tackling little things. Even packing up a single kitchen drawer will make it feel like something is getting done, and making progress is essential for managing stress.

Tip #4: Stay Organized

It can be tough to stay organized during a move, but doing so will make the whole process much less stressful. Make sure to sort items and label boxes in ways that will make them easy to unpack, and keep all of the relevant documents easily accessible in one place. Making organization a top priority from day one will set movers up for a less stressful experience throughout the entire ordeal.

Tip #5: Get Plenty of Sleep

When it seems like there are a million small tasks that must get done before an impending move, it's easy to wind up putting sleep on the back burner. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation only makes stress worse, so pulling all-nighters is the last thing movers want to do. Starting early and having a plan can make it easier to fall asleep at night instead of staying up worrying about every little thing, but it's equally important to prioritize heading to bed early.

Start Planning Now

Know there's a big move coming up? Don't put off getting prepared. Start now by finding a reputable move management company and making plans for how to get everything done on time with minimal stress.

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