Malaysia's Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants

Huggies Malaysia has launched the #HuggiesComfortableExplorers contest from 17 September - 31 October. The contest aims to highlight to Malaysian parents that their babies move and explore much more than they think, especially with the unparalleled comfort of Malaysia’s Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants - Huggies Dry Pants. The #HuggiesComfortableExplorers contest will challenge parents with uploading videos of their babies dancing, climbing, running and rolling in the most creative ways possible onto their Instagram story. 

Malaysia's Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants

As babies' motor skills start to develop as they grow, parents come to realise that their precious little ones are far more active than they anticipated. In a home experiment conducted by Huggies, the experiment found that babies can take up to ten thousand steps a day! Therefore, parents must provide their babies with the support and comfort they need for an active exploration phase. With the #HuggiesComfortableExplorers contest powered by the fast absorbing Huggies Dry Pants, Malaysian parents can now witness their fast little movers exploring their environment in blissful comfort.

Malaysian parents will be relieved to know that their precious bundles of joy will remain happy, comfortable, and dry as they are off exploring with Huggies Dry Pants. Huggies Dry Pants absorb wetness instantly because of the Huggies’ Dry Xpert Channel Technology that features an X-shaped channel in the diaper’s core. It distributes wetness evenly across 4 ways for fast absorption, thus keeping the baby’s skin dry and comfortable throughout the day giving them the freedom and comfort to explore even more!

“Huggies Malaysia understands the struggle Malaysian parents go through to find the most comfortable diaper pants for their fast and active babies. Which is why the Huggies Dry Pants were created! Only Huggies Dry Pants can do the job thanks to its fast absorption, giving your precious little ones the freedom and comfort to become true #HuggiesComfortableExplorers!” said Martina Jezdikova, Marketing Director Malaysia at Kimberly-Clark.

In line with the #HuggiesComfortableExplorers contest, Huggies Malaysia has collaborated with some of Malaysia's favorite parents: Dr. Shazril Shaharuddin, Wawa Zainal, Shima Anuar and Laries Tan. All of whom will kick off the contest with their own adorable little ones who are all fully equipped with Malaysia’s Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants. 

On top of that, Huggies Malaysia will also be hosting two Instagram Live sessions at the end of October. The sessions will feature experts in the fields of paediatrics and speech therapy alongside Dr. Shazril and Wawa where they will be discussing topics such as movement development in babies and the importance of comfort to babies.

To stand a chance to win Huggies products and some exciting prizes, simply upload a video of your baby being a little explorer by dancing, climbing, running or even rolling onto your Instagram story and tag The most creative videos will be selected. 

So grab a camera and explore with your precious little bubs to see them transform into true #HuggiesComfortableExplorers! For more information on how to participate in the contest and for the IG Live sessions, follow Huggies Malaysia on Instagram and Facebook. Terms and conditions apply

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