What Are Loose Diamonds And 5 Reasons To Buy Them

Wondering whether or not to invest in material assets? Diamonds are forever, and so is the investment. The world of diamond buying and selling is by no means a closed practice. Whether you are a jeweler, lapidary artist, crystal healer, or simply an investor, diamonds hold a quality and price that cannot be matched. From clarity to color, shape to size, these precious gemstones are a worthy source of admiration to us all. So why not invest in some?

What Are Loose Diamonds And 5 Reasons To Buy Them
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What are Loose Diamonds?

Loose diamonds is the term we give to diamonds which are sold without any fixings or fastenings. So, a diamond without the necklace, or without the earrings or ring setting, is a loose diamond. Loose diamonds are not normally rough diamonds. 

This means that they have been shaped and polished and are essentially ready to be placed into the jeweler, if need be. They are usually sold by the carat and the carat of a diamond is determined using a conversion table. If you are interested, you can easily buy wholesale loose diamonds for yourself from a  trusted wholesale diamond seller in Dallas.

5 Reasons to Buy a Loose Diamond

There are more than five reasons why you might buy a loose diamond, but here are the top reasons we love to hear most.

1 – The Affordability

If you really want to invest in diamonds but you want to get the most for your money, investing in loose diamonds will let you do this. They aren’t traditionally sold as expensive as jewelry containing diamonds, because there aren’t any precious metals to pay for. There is also no jeweler’s skill to price. All you are paying for is the gem and the lapidary work.

2 – For Lapidary Reasons

You might be a jewelry maker, a watchmaker, or someone who wants to really glam up an upcycling job. Loose diamonds can be placed in silver, gold, platinum, and other metal fixings. They can be added to brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. They increase in value when you do this, so that you could sell each individual piece for more money than you bought the materials for.

3 – Loose Diamonds are Easier to Examine

If you are in the habit of buying diamond jewelry to invest in, then make that switch to loose gemstones. You get a 360 of the diamond through your loupe, meaning you can see every tiny impurity in the stone. Buying loose diamonds this way means you can hand-pick each one. And that’s priceless.

4 – You can Match Specifications

If you have a client who wants a bespoke watch made for her son's 21st birthday, who has gone to the effort of drawing up a design, then you need a stone worthy of that design. Picking a loose diamond and having it set yourself allows you to choose the shape, size, and clarity that you need.

5 – It’s Love

What better way to tell someone you want to marry them than by picking out your own diamond? This way, you can pick the right color, have the ring made to match his/her/their preferences, and even get the best stone for your money.

There are so many reasons to choose a loose diamond over one in a setting that it can only come down to taste. Just how far would you go to create the perfect gift?  

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