Converse Using The Iconic Chuck Taylor as a Canvas for Progress

Throughout history, Boston-based brand Converse has stood in allyship with those who have used their creativity and voices to fuel movement and drive progress for their communities. In a continued effort to spark creativity, the brand, along with local shoe cleaning and restoration service provider, Sneakers Spa, rallies its Malaysian All Stars, to use their Chuck Taylors as a canvas to create next in creative progress

Converse Using The Iconic Chuck Taylor as a Canvas for Progress

Converse x Sneakers Spa 

As part of the brand’s effort to #SapotLokal during the pandemic, prior to the creative exercise, Converse first partnered with Sneakers Spa to produce a video on how the community can properly clean a pair of their favourite Chuck Taylor. 

Sneakers Spa representative, Hisham showing how to clean a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

“Climate change is real and presents a major concern for everyone. Moving towards more sustainable practices is how we can do our part in combating this issue,” says Azrul Haniff, co-founder of Sneakers Spa. “Here at Sneakers Spa, we believe that with the right product and proper care, you can make your shoes look good as new and eliminate the need to buy a new pair. This is where our values align perfectly with Converse’s initiative,” he adds.

Converse Renew Kit

Unleashing the Artist Within

Keeping the activity sustainable was one of the key objectives of the activity. And to show the community how it is possible to give their old pair of Chuck Taylors a new lease on life, Converse also hosted an online workshop with Sneakers Spa, teaching its local All Stars community how to personalise their shoes using paint made from all natural ingredients. 

Here’s how you can create your own natural paints with items easily found in your kitchen:

What you need:

1. Eggs

2. Tung / Linseed Oil

3. Water 

4. Coloured Powder (e.g. chili, turmeric, matcha powder)

5. Whisk

6. Bowl

7. Ceramic Tile

8. Paint Brush

9. Paper towels


1. Crack an egg and separate the egg yolk from the egg white.

2. Keep the yolk in a bowl and check for any egg shells (remove if any).

3. Break the yolk using a whisk and add the tung/linseed oil into the bowl slowly. 

4. While adding the oil, whisk the emulsion until it reaches a thick and creamy consistency. 

5. Remove any access emulsion sticking on the whisk using a spatula. 

6. Spread the emulsion on the ceramic tile using the spatula. 

7. Pour the desired coloured powders onto the ceramic tile and mix it using the spatula until all the powders are mixed evenly with the emulsion. 

8. Add a little bit of water to the emulsion and mix gently but thoroughly. 

9. Continue mixing until the colour is even. 

10. Your paint is ready to be used! 

Converse All Stars Creations  

All Star Shahera Sam’s custom painted shoes

Need some inspiration on how to customise your own pair of shoes? Look no further. Take a look at this highlight video to see the artistic designs the All Stars came up with during the Renew Labs online session. 

Show off your own creations and tag @converse_my_ using the hashtag #RenewLabs on Instagram! 

Designing Toward a Zero-Waste Future with the Renew Collection

The Renew collection from Converse is a part of the brand’s ongoing commitment towards a zero waste and zero carbon future. The collection repurposes materials made from post-consumer and post-industrial waste, upcycling used textiles and recycling PET (polyester from plastic bottles), as well as cotton canvas blends to create the brand’s timeless designs in a more sustainable manner. Check out the Renew collection.

To learn more, check out Converse Malaysia’s official Website, Instagram, and Facebook

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