How To Create A Signature Look With A Few Simple Necklace Choices

Necklace stacks and layered necklace looks are everywhere. It seems every other fashion influencer or creator has their own signature necklace stack. Do you love that look? If so, this article is for you. You may have tried layering your own pieces only to find it looks weird or inorganic. We are here to help!

How To Create A Signature Look With A Few Simple Necklace Choices
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Creating an ideal necklace stack is harder than it seems. You need to have the right balance of textures, shapes, widths, and still add your own personal taste. Building your stack around a favorite necklace or a piece you know you want to wear everyday can help. Whether it is a pendant necklace, choker, chain necklace, or bar necklace you can build a stack around any piece.

Your centerpiece choice will be the base you build your stack from. We recommend at least three necklaces to create a stack. Take a look at how long your centerpiece necklace is. If it’s on the shorter side you’re going to want to a find a necklace thats around one to two inches longer. That will be your next layering piece. A pendant necklace makes a great option for the longer layer. The weight of the pendant will help balance out the lines of your layered necklaces.

If your centerpiece is a pendant or long necklace then picking a necklace one to two inches shorter would be best. For a shorter necklace we recommend trying a choker necklace, chain necklace, or a bar necklace. Any of these options can work because their short fit and streamlined appearance add a sleek appeal to your stack. 

Next you are going to want to incorporate another chain necklace or a smaller pendant necklace. Your middle of the stack necklace should have a smaller pendant than your longest piece if you go for a pendant. If you go for a chain necklace then picking something chunkier or with more visual intrigue can help round out your stack.

The three essential necklace choices we believe every cool necklace stack needs are chain necklaces, pendant necklaces, and choker necklaces. You can go dainty with all three or chunky with all three and still make it look cohesive if you follow these simple rules. Large pendants look best as the longest layer while mini pendant look best in the middle layer. Chain necklaces typically look best as the shortest or middle layer. Choker necklaces look best as your shortest layer. You can include a pearl or gemstone accent on your choker necklace for a pop of color. 

What you choose to incorporate in your stack can help you craft your signature look. Including pieces you already love will make you more likely to wear your stack everyday. Feature vintage pieces alongside new for a creative edge that will make your stack unlike anyone else. You can also include more than three pieces by adding additional chains, pendants, or chokers you love for a unique touch. It’s all up to you so have fun with these tips to create your own signature look. 

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