How to Maintain a Clean Desk Policy While Working from Home

Many companies require their employees to adhere to a clean desk policy. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that staff members keep their workspace clean at all times. Following this policy is tough if you’re working from home. You might have a coffee cup or snacks on your desk, and keeping the space isn’t a concern since there’s no one around.

How to Maintain a Clean Desk Policy While Working from Home 
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Keeping desks clear of clutter is more than about what others see. It enables you to keep sensitive data safe. If your desk is messy, you might not find certain documents when you need them. The mess might even lead to the disposal of important documents. In addition, coffee or other lidless drinks might spill on your work. Here are some things you can do to maintain a clean desk policy at home.

Dispose Sensitive Documents

If you possess confidential data, you should look into services that provide shredding in Toronto to declutter. Holding on to documents with sensitive information can be problematic in many ways. You may accidentally misplace the documents, and if they fall into the wrong hands, the event could affect your job and your clients.

Another risk is the possibility of a lower productivity level due to a messy workspace. If you keep too many papers on your desk, you might not find things when you need them, and looking at the clutter might also stress you out. It is in your best interest to carefully and professionally destroy documents that you don’t need.

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Create a Mental Checklist

A clean desk policy means that you can only have a few limited items on your desk. If your table consists of different objects, it can be tough to decide what you need. Find out exactly what your company allows and create a mental or physical checklist.

Remove all the items you are not allowed to have on your desk and keep them in a different place. Make it a habit to keep those items away.

Keep a Trash Can Nearby

Sometimes, you might have a cluttered desk because you might not feel like getting up to throw away the garbage. If you keep adding to your pile of garbage, your desk will get messier, and it will be tougher to find essential items. Keeping a garbage bin nearby enables you to throw away all the items you don’t need before your desk gets messy.

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Take Breaks for Meals

If you make it a habit to eat on your desk, you automatically break the clean desk policy. While a small snack is not a big deal sometimes, a more extensive meal will take up space and pose risks. In addition, eating your food on your desk is also associated with health risks.

Also, if your food has any sauce in it, it may fall on paper or your work computer. It might also cause clutter if you fail to clear your utensils from the desk regularly. Consider taking breaks for meals to avoid a mess.

Maintaining a clean desk policy can seem overwhelming sometimes, but it is not impossible. Follow the steps above, and your work will be more secure, and you will mentally feel better as well. So, it’s a win-win for you and your organization.

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