10 Best Types Of Steaks For Building Muscles

You have probably heard about the importance of protein for muscle building. One way to get enough protein is by eating meat, which is why steak has become a staple in many people's diets

10 Best Types Of Steaks For Building Muscles 
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With this blog post, I will be showing you the ten best types of steaks for building muscles and which carry the most amount of protein with less fat content. So without further ado, let's jump right into it!

1) T-Bone Steak (16 Grams Protein)
T-bone steak is both tender and flavorful. It is perfect for grilling due to its high-fat content. T-bone is one of the most expensive steaks, with an average cost of $10 per pound. It's often marinated to increase its tenderness and flavor content. 

This high-fat content is what makes it perfect for grilling and cooking it in a pan with some butter will increase the deliciousness even further. The protein content in this steak is about 16 grams and it has a total fat content of about 5 grams. 

2) Rib Eye Steak (17 Grams Protein)
A rib-eye steak can weigh anywhere from 10 to 12 ounces. Like T-bone, this type of steak is also one of the most expensive ones, costing upwards of $10 per pound. It's known for its big flavor and rich marbling that separates it from other types of steaks such as the New York Strip or Porterhouse Steak. 

If you like your meat well done, then go for a thicker cut since cooking it at high temperatures over longer periods will dry out the meat and make it tougher, you can also read more about that on GTA Meats. The protein content in this steak reaches 17 grams and its total fat content is at least 10 grams. 

3) Filet Mignon Steak (16 Grams Protein)
"Filet mignon" means "tenderloin steak" in French. That's because it's one of the most tender cuts to ever exist, plus it has a little amount of marbling and produces some tasty juices while cooking. 

This is another expensive cut with an average cost of $12 per pound. However, despite being so tender, filet mignon is also leaner than other steaks such as rib-eye or T-bone. If you wanted to eat this steak on its own then you should know that it tastes bland and needs a lot of seasoning to really shine through and give that delicious flavor we all love so much. The protein content in this steak reaches 16 grams and its total fat content is at least 3 grams. 

4) New York Strip Steak (14 Grams Protein)
The New York strip steak is known for being an excellent cut that balances flavor with tenderness. The meat's texture and thickness allow it to retain most of its moisture when cooked, even when it's grilled or broiled. It has a reasonable price per pound and the total cost is about $9 on average. Its protein content reaches around 14 grams while the fat count stays below 5 grams.

5) Tenderloin Steak (16 Grams Protein)
You can find this type of steak in different cuts depending on where you get it from, but the most common ones are the filet mignon or Chateaubriand cut. This cut is very low in fat and is considered one of the leanest steak types. 

When cooked it's very tender and juicy and has a mild flavor that requires less seasoning than other types of steaks to bring out its deliciousness. The protein content in this steak reaches 16 grams while the total fat count stays below 3 grams. 

6) Porterhouse Steak (22 Grams Protein)
You can distinguish this cut from others by its T-shaped bone as well as by its big size compared to other types of steaks such as New York Strip or Rib Eye. That means you will be able to share it with another person if required, so it's also great for dining with friends or family members. 

Porterhouse steak is known for having a rich range of flavors and juicy texture with a perfect combination of tenderness and fat. It's also one of the most expensive types of steaks, although it's slightly cheaper than T-bone or rib eye at around $9 per pound. The protein content in this steak reaches 22 grams while its total fat count stays below 8 grams. 

7) Green Pepper Steak (18 Grams Protein)
This type of steak is known for its classic pepper flavor which it gets thanks to the mixture that Hong Kong chefs use to marinate it, usually including soy sauce, oyster sauce, and green peppers. 

It's considered an affordable cut since its average price is only $5 per pound, but at the same time, it delivers high-quality meat with leanness properties similar to sirloin steak types. This steak comes with 18 grams of protein and 4 grams of fat.

8) Sirloin Steak (16 Grams Protein)
This is another type of steak that balances tenderness with flavor. Some people even go as far as saying that sirloin has some sweet notes that make it stand out from other steak cuts. 

Sirloin steak has an extremely high protein content, which means that it will provide your muscles with much-needed amino acids. But what makes this cut so great is the fact that it can be easily transformed into other types of meat such as pepper steak or stir fry beef to name just a few. 

You should also know that when you cook sirloin steak, it does not become tough because of its relatively low amount of connective tissue. 

It can be cooked in many different ways including on the grill, fry pan, or broil plate depending on your personal preferences for cooking. This cut isn't very expensive compared to others at an average price of $7 per pound. Sirloin steak offers 16 grams of protein and 5 grams of total fat.

9) Grass-Fed Steak (22 Grams Protein)
It's even more nutritious than regular steak types which are usually fed with corn or soy-based feed to increase their weight prior to butchering. 

This type of steak is known for its leanness and tenderness because grass-fed cows aren't given the same hormones that conventional ones get on a day-to-day basis. The average price for this cut is $10 per pound, but it also delivers high amounts of protein plus essential minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. This steak comes with 22 grams of protein while staying under 6 grams in fat content.

10) Bison Steak (28 Grams Protein)
This steak is considered one of the healthiest types of meat because bison are only fed with grass and hay instead of grains. 

Bison meat is also known for its tenderness and rich flavor which some people compare to beef from free-range animals, but at a lower price since this type of animal does not create as many waste products as a conventional cow would. It's a great healthy alternative if you're looking for more protein in your diet. The average price for this cut starts from $7 per pound while offering 28 grams of protein and 8 grams of fat.

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