The 6 Best Travel Destinations to Embrace Your Inner Hippie

If you think the good old days of the counterculture movement in the 60s are over, you are sorely mistaken. The hippies have always been around, and if you feel an inner calling to live the life of a hippie, you should go to these great travel destinations around the world:

The 6 Best Travel Destinations to Embrace Your Inner Hippie
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Boulder, Colorado

Boulder has always been known for having progressive and open-minded intellectual people. It’s got a laid-back atmosphere, and people love hiking here. Boulder has a history of having a hippie culture back in the 70s. However, now there seems to be a wonderful lifestyle revival, with nature-loving hippies back in the scene.

Nelson, Canada

When you are in Canada, make sure to go to Nelson. This quirky, bohemian town is considered the pot capital of the country. You will love the calm of this place, and its got lots of coffee shops where you can take refuge from the cold and sip on some hot coffee with your hippie friends. If you love the scenic beauty of the countryside, don’t miss this town. The people are very casual and carefree as well. 

Kathmandu, Nepal

Experience the beauty of Nepal in the thrilling backdrop of the vast and powerful Himalayas. This is a place rooted in deep peace, and it has managed to recover and save itself by great efforts after the devastating 2015 earthquake.

The people in Kathmandu are very spiritual and traditional. They are very embracing of other cultures and religions. The best part about Nepal is that it is extremely affordable.

There are also lots of beautiful small temples for you to visit. You can also visit the Boudhanath Stupa and feel humbled by the wisdom embedded in its symbolic architecture. Did you know that the Buddha was born in Lumbini, a province in Nepal?

Arembepe, Brazil

For the most vibrant atmosphere and incredible cultural diversity, go to Brazil. Arembepe is a popular hippie destination in Brazil. It is a charming, colorful place where you can experience the serene joy of communal living. The music and food are the best. The people are very hospitable. You’ve got lots and lots of beaches, waterfalls, and mountains to explore.

Brazil has many charming small cities and little villages that are not so popular among the more general tourist population that arrive here. You will love the sun here and never want to go back home ever again.

Goa, India

This beautiful state in India was once a Portuguese colony. It’s got some of the most beautiful churches you will ever see and very pretty markets to explore as well. The only right way to experience Goa is to take it slow, one day at a time, over many months.

Speak to any old-timer hippie, and they will tell you that Goa was and is the place to be! After all, it is strongly influenced by the Indian spiritual philosophy and culture. So, you can attend lots of meditation retreats, yoga camps, and other activities to immerse yourself in spirituality.

Ibiza, Spain

Make sure you take a trip to Ibiza for the ultimate hippie experience. If you think it is a place just for party lovers, you are mistaken. You can enjoy learning about the history of the place, the food, the culture, the architecture, and go on the long walking trails. Make sure you catch a sunset in Ibiza. 

Make sure to go to these travel destinations to fully explore and embrace your hippie side. You are sure to have a memorable time and make plenty of friends. You can get many deep insights into life and have some truly profound experiences and stories to share with your friends back at home.

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