Choosing Emerald Jewelry

Emerald is Beryl's most famous and recognizable member, a quintessential green gemstone that has been used since time immemorial. Emerald is one of the highly valued and classified among five cardinal gemstones.

Choosing Emerald Jewelry

Even today, it is a highly sought-after stone, and no collection can be complete without Emerald. When looking for Emerald jewelry, you've to consider some factors, which we focus on in this article.

Background about Emerald

This is part of the beryl mineral family and the most valuable and easy to recognize. The precious stone is formed from the earth's depths and in the crevices and cracks of mineral-rich rocks like granite. The presence of chromium, iron, and vanadium is what gives Emerald its color. When choosing the jewelry, the place of origin is one of the things you've to consider. The Colombian Emerald, for instance, tends to be leafy and dark green, while the Zambian ones are greenish with some tinge of bluishness.

The Emerald color

Color is undoubtedly an important feature when choosing Emerald jewelry. The word 'Emerald' is synonymous with the green color, and thus if not "Green," it's not Emerald. Unlike many other gemstones like diamonds and sapphires, emeralds are only in green and come in a range of green, from vibrant and vivid to limp and pale.

When evaluating Emerald's color, you've to consider the tone, hue, and saturation.

Emerald hue: The Emerald hue is the secondary and primary colors of gemstone and, in this case, green with possible shades of blue and yellow.

The tone: This is how dark or light the Emerald Jewelry is. The best tone is the medium-not too light or dark. The too-light one appears limp and inexpensive, while the too dark ones will lack vibrancy and the look that the precious ornament is known for.

The saturation: This is the color intensity, and strength presents in the jewelry, and the higher the saturation, the more vivid the color, and that correlates with higher prices.

Emerald clarity

It's hard to find a stone without blemishes, and therefore, Emerald's are found with inclusions. Te emerald inclusions resembling long vines and tendrils contribute to the beautiful color of Emerald jewelry, and that's how this piece has been recognized for. Look for a jewel that is higher in transparency and has more minor inclusions. The inclusions will tell you if the stone is natural or fake.

Your face type

The first thing you need to consider when looking for your Emerald jewelry. In front of the mirror, try tracing your face outline from your reflection using a marker pen or lipstick. Now you can step back and study the outline. Once you've found the basic shape, you can get the style that best suits you, and now you can narrow it down to it.

The earrings help draw attention to your best features, and therefore it becomes pretty important to choose a pair that complements your taste and style.

When looking for Emerald Earrings, you must check for several factors, from the original stone and origin to color and face type. Choose something that perfectly complements you, so you feel elated and confident as you walk around.

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