Suing a Hairdresser for Cutting You

Most of the time, you enjoy the relaxing moments you have at your hairdresser's. You receive good service, and you are treated well because you are a valued client. It's an ideal setting that you expect every time you visit the hairdressing salon.

Suing a Hairdresser for Cutting You
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But there are times when even the best hairdresser has an off day. The person might be going through a personal problem or distracted due to something that happened before your appointment. The hairdresser might be feeling under the weather. If the person cannot concentrate, the hairdresser can make a mistake, like give you a nasty cut. If that happens, the question, "can I sue my hairdresser?" comes to mind. 

Can you sue your hairdresser? 

It is possible to sue your hairdresser if the injury, error, or damage was not your fault. There are several reasons to file for hairdressing injury compensation. Hair loss, damaged hair, cuts, lacerations, and chemical burns are just some of the grounds for you to file an injury claim against the hairdresser. 

The inattentiveness of the hairdresser can cause cuts or lacerations. It could also be that the hairdresser is inexperienced or lacks training in using sharp tools, such as blades, razors, or scissors. A cut to the scalp, ear, cheek, or mole could lead to a nasty infection if not cleaned and treated correctly. 

Knowing the cuts and lacerations caused by your hairdresser 

It's a good idea to know the lacerations and cuts that the hairdresser might give you. It can be due to improper handling of equipment like razors or scissors. Blunt scissors and razors can likewise cause injury, much like a lack of training or inexperience can make a newbie hairdresser nervous and likely to make mistakes.

Hairdressers have to ensure that all their equipment is properly maintained, including keeping cutting tools sharp all the time. In addition, hairdressing guidelines mandate that hairdressers should ensure your safety while you are on their premises.  

Types of injuries from sharp or blunt hairdressing tools 

While at the hairdressing salon, you can encounter different injuries.

Sharp and dull razors used for shaving can cause scalp lacerations. Bleeding is common if you have a scalp cut because the head has many blood vessels. A deep gash can require several stitches. 

Like the scalp, cuts to the outer ears are common and often happen when the scissors slip. A cut to the ear can cause heavy bleeding as well. The cut might need medical attention. There are cases when a client loses part of the ear due to the negligence of a hairdresser. 

Some people have moles on their scalp and ears. Moles have an extensive blood supply. Therefore, when a mole is accidentally cut or wounded, excessive bleeding can occur. Consequently, it's essential to seek medical attention quickly since the mole may have to be removed. 

The first things you need to do when a hairdresser accidentally gives you a cut is to seek medical attention, document the incident (written record, video, and photos), and get all the information you need. Record the date of your appointment, the type of service you requested, the name and contact information of the hairdresser and the salon. You will need various information and evidence you can collect when you contact a hairdressing claims solicitor.

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