Top 13 Essentials for Your Phoenix Hiking Adventure

Hiking adventures are fun. However, you must be fully prepared for your hiking tour; otherwise, your trip might turn into an inconvenience. There are some essentials which you must have while going on a hiking tour. You can go on Phoenix hiking tours with experienced companies to make your hiking journey memorable. Continue reading this article to know the 13 essentials items you must have during your hiking adventure. 

Top 13 Essentials for Your Phoenix Hiking Adventure
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1. Map and Compass

Nowadays, people use GPS for effective navigation, but you still must carry a compass and map. Some areas have weak network coverage and for that reason, the GPS might not work. 

2. Appropriate Shoes

Hiking requires a lot of walking; thus, shoes are something you should be really careful about. Wear comfortable shoes like joggers. If you can invest in hiking shoes, do it to make your adventure more pleasant. 

3. Water

Water is essential and that is something you won’t forget but how much water is enough is the actual question. You always have the option to utilize the freshwater coming down the springs. Carry a water purifier and you won’t have to go through the trouble of carrying excess load. 

4. First-Aid Kit

Getting injured is really common in hiking, and you might also experience some illness, so it’s necessary to carry a first-aid kit with you. In addition, it is highly recommended that you take classes on CPR. 

5. Multi-Tool or Knife 

A knife or multi-tool is used for many purposes and carrying it is essential for your trip. You can use it for your safety as well. 

6. Firestarter or Lighter

You might have to build a fire if it’s cold or dark to save yourself from cold weather and animals. A fire starter or lighter will make this job easier for you. Some zones are no fire zones; confirm before you light a fire.

7. Food

Don’t pack too much food; instead, take calorie-dense food that can fuel you up. In this way, you will get energy while eating light. Also, you wouldn’t have to carry a lot of food. 

8. Sun Protection

Sun protection includes SPF, sunglasses and a cap. The rays from the sun don’t only fade your skin color but are also harmful to the health of your skin. 

9. Noisemaker or Whistle 

Don’t forget to carry a noisemaker or whistle in case you need to call for help. If you fall or get lost, these things can assist you in calling for help. 

10. Rain Jacket 

The weather forecast isn’t always accurate. There is always a chance of rain, so you better carry a rain jacket with you to save yourself from getting wet.

11. Rope or Cord

While hiking, you might have to build a shelter or down-climb, etc. In these situations, a rope or cord would be a great help for you. 

12. Headlamp or Torch

Even if you plan to get back within the daylight, still you might get stuck till the dark. Make sure you have a torch or headlamp to guide you in darkness. 

13. Extra Clothes 

You don’t know what conditions you might meet on the trek, so carry an extra load of clothes. Trekking in wet clothes will be an added inconvenience so a quick change will keep things going. 

These were some of the essential items. This list will change according to your travel requirements and where you are headed. Make a checklist before you travel to ensure you don’t forget anything behind. 

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