Mid Autumn Miss & Mrs Chipao Malaysia Virtual Press Conference

The Online Creative Lantern Competition, the Little Miss Chipao & Mister Samfu Malaysia 2021 kids pageant and Miss & Mrs Chipao Malaysia 2021 pageant, which will all be staged virtually in conjunction with the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, was announced by the Miss Malaysia Kebaya (MMK) Organisation at a Virtual Press Conference which was held via Zoom last Thursday afternoon.

Mid Autumn Miss & Mrs Chipao Malaysia Virtual Press Conference

These three major events are being organised as fun celebratory activities for all those who are lockdown-ed at home but would still like to enjoy the Mid Autumn (Mooncake) Festival with their family and friends through virtual means. In this time of great challenges, MMK intends to very much raise the mood of our fellow Malaysians, through engaging and positive activities that will bring each other closer together and in support of each other.

Mid Autumn Miss & Mrs Chipao Malaysia Virtual Press Conference

The event was officiated by Datin Salida Ibrahim, Assistant Secretary of the Culture Policy Division of the Ministry of Tourism of Culture & Arts (MOTAC) on behalf of Guest of Honor YBrs Dr Tan Awang Besar, Division Secretary for Tourism Policy & International Affairs, of MOTAC, who was unable to make it. 

Mid Autumn Miss & Mrs Chipao Malaysia Virtual Press Conference

Mid Autumn Miss & Mrs Chipao Malaysia Virtual Press Conference

Also attending the event were YBhg Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, former Secretary-General of MOTAC, Esther Michael co-organiser & Mrs Chipao Malaysia 2018, Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA) Women’s Council Leader Madam Joanna Kitingan, various celebrity queens including the recently crowned Miss Unduk Ngadau 2021 Maya Hejnowska, Miss Chipao Malaysia 2019 Rachel Tee and Mrs Chipao Malaysia 2019 Tiffany Seow, as well as esteemed judges for the competition that include Founder of Miss Cosmoworld Carrie Lee, Mrs Universe 2013 Carol Lee,  Honorary President of Malaysian Hairdressing Association Datin Winnie Loo,  Glitterama President & philanthropist Datin Maylene Ong,  Malaysia Bumiputra Designers Association (MBDA) President Rasta Rashid & Founder Bon Zainal among many others.

Miss Malaysia Kebaya (MMK) and Selangor Fashion Week’s (SFW), founder and organiser, Dr Jason Hee Jee Pin said the main objective of these yearly events are to continue promoting Malaysian culture and unity, despite the pandemic and various lockdowns.

The Online Creative Lantern Competition was crafted as a family-oriented cultural activity that is open to all Malaysians, in order to highlight and share the cultural diversity of our nation, during this year’s Mid Autumn Festival celebrations. It is something that can be enjoyed and participated by all Malaysians from the comfort and safety of their own homes and is open to all, from ages 3 and above. Submissions will be by photos of the redesigned lanterns and will end on 15th September 2021.

The Miss & Mrs Chipao returns once again for its sixth season, virtually this time, after taking a break last year, and is specially formulated to send a crucial message to young ladies and mothers that beauty is not defined by one’s looks or the amount of skin one shows, but rather by emphasizing on their self-confidence and their inner beauty. Its also designed to help commercial companies in finding suitable ambassadors to represent and promote their respective brands, and also to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle, especially during the pandemic.

Apart from the adult pageant, this year will also see the return of Little Miss Chipao and Mister Samfu, which is targeted at children aged 3 to 17, Classic Chipao Malaysia, for those aged 50 and above, and also the search for both local and international Chipao Ambassadors to promote our Malaysian culture.

The pageant competitions are open to all Malaysians and ex-pats according to the following categories:

Creative Lantern - 3 and above 

Little Miss & Mister - 3 to 17

Miss - 17 to 35

Mrs - 21 to 50

Classic - 50 and above  

“Also, during this moon cake or Mid-Autumn Festival, we have the opportunity to be able to promote Chinese culture in our multiracial country, Malaysia , starting from the kids, “ stated Dr Jason Hee. “Various Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture (MOTAC) agencies are expected to support our prestigious event, he added.

Registrations for Little Miss Chipao and Mister Samfu Malaysia is from 20th August and will close on 15th September. Up to 100 finalists are expected to participate during the grand finale which will be staged on 28th September 2021.

Registration for Miss and Mrs Chipao Malaysia will close on 15th September 2021. The finals will be staged on 28th Sept 2021 as well.

All competitions will be stage online and live via Miss Chipao Malaysia’s Facebook page.

Prizes are expected to be worth more than RM10,000 in total, consisting of products and scholarships for the lucky winners in all categories of the Chinese traditional themed beauty pageant.

“Finalists will undergo special training sessions to produce role models with a good balance of beauty, brains and heart,” Dr Jason expressed.

Judges for Little Miss & Mister Samfu Malaysia are:

Eleen Yong (Elpis Models) 

Melinda Lee (Alist Academy ) 

Jessie Foo (DanceVMe) 

Sherme (Kids Got Talent Malaysia)

Rasta Rashid (MBDA)

Yanekki (Movekids) 

Shawita (Le Fashion Secret)

Ammetta Malhotra (Target Fitness PJ) 

Tentative Program:

Little Miss Chipao and Miss Samfu Malaysia Finals: Tuesday, 28th September 2021.  

Miss and Mrs Chipao Malaysia the Finals:  Tuesday, 28th September 2021. 

Those who are interested in participating, sponsoring or branding tie-ups, please contact Dr Jason Hee at 012-9211486 or email missmalaysiakebaya@yahoo.com

Also announced during the Press Conference was the "DO SOMETHING GOOD" campaign which will run from September to November 2021. It is a charity fundraising event that is initiated by the Malaysia Fashion, Modelling and Pageant Association (MFMPA) and will be jointly organized with Selangor Fashion Week (SFW), Lions Club of Kuala Terengganu, Rotary Club Pantai Valley and JCI Kuala Lumpur. Volunteers, pageant queens, models, talents, NGOs and media will take up the challenge to participate in this fund-raising charity event to provide help and support to  families that have been badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic, by providing groceries and other daily necessities.  

Targeted Collection:  MYR20,000

Target Distribution:  MYR200 per household family for a month of food supplies

All contributions will be directly credited to participating NGO's Bank Accounts, and contributors will be given Certificates of Recognition.

Miss Chipao Malaysia is suported by various collaboration partners that include Selangor Fashion Week headed by its co-founder Nicole Fe Lynne and Virtualtech Frontier as Backline & Tech support. Its key sponsors include Dking, MD PHARMA, My Health Diary, Emerald Brilliant, Elpis Models, Alist Academy, Bkay Nair Resources, Lavigato, Sulusso, Why Not Studio, ARP Elite Model, Harry International Talents, and Rotary Club Pantai Valley among many others. 

Official Magazines are Santai Travel & Breeze, with Rentak Sejuta as the Official Media Partner. Press Matters are the Offcial Publicists.

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