Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy & Happy

Hey! Do you love cat? Do you own a cat or cats at home? Well, there is no doubt that having a cat or pet at home especially during this pandemic period can bring joy. At the same time, cat can also help to reduce the feeling of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Owning a cat is a privilege, but it’s comes with responsibilities too. Here is the Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy & Happy

Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy & Happy
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They are many reasons why I love cats, not only are they adorable, seriously but they also like to manja-manja. At time, they can be quite an attention seeker or diva, but they’re always cute. Cats can be fiercely independent, curious, and loyal, they make amazing lifelong companions. Besides, they also keep the unwanted pests out of my house. 

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As a responsible cat owner, we need to spend time with them, love them, provide them with their basic needs and take care of their health too. Here are the Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy & Happy. 

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1. Diet & Hydration 

Ensuring your cat get proper food and water are the ultimate to their health. When choosing your cat’s food, be sure you choose a high-quality formula and read the ingredients list. Dry and canned food with higher levels of animal protein are better for your feline friend. Your cat’s health depends on a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight.

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2. Playtime 

Humans need to exercise and cats need their playtime. Providing enough space for your cat to play and playing with your cat are crucial for their health and happiness too. Your cats need fun and games to enrich their lives. Engaging in play and exercise allows your cat to maintain muscle tone, use their brain, and form a stronger bond with you. Elevating your cat’s heart rate and keeping them active helps them to burn excess calories, as well. 

3. Check up 

If you find or suspect your cat is unwell, do take them to the vet. Or best make it a point to take your cake for annual exams to ensure long, healthy lives. If you are looking for a vet clinic, do look out for one that offers one-stop, complete vet services. Kitty's Care Veterinary Clinic in Kuala Lumpur offers a comprehensive range of diagnosis, preventive care, treatment, and surgery in Cheras, Putrajaya and Kajang. Do keep a lookout, as cats tend to mask the symptoms of illnesses well. Prevention is always better than cure. Nothing beats celebrating a clean bill of health and knowing that your cat has everything they need to be healthy and happy. 

I hope you enjoy these Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy & Happy that I have put together. Have a great week and have fun with your cat. 

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