5 Effective Pest Control Methods For Your Home

Worried about termites, rats, or other pests? Read this to tackle those pests. There are many different types of pests which can invade your building. In Lyon and South Lyon, there are bed bugs, roaches, and rodents aplenty. If you think you have an infestation problem, there are some techniques of pest control you should know about, to get rid of the blighters.

5 Effective Pest Control Methods For Your Home
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The 5 Most Effective Pest Control Methods

Has your home got a pest problem? Follow these five hacks to effectively control pests in your neighborhood.

1 – Call in a Specialist

Yes, this isn’t a hack and that’s why we are doing it first. If you have a burst pipe, you call the plumber. You need a new roof; you call the roofer. You need to control a pest problem in your home, you call in Lyon pest control services to take care of it. This is the most efficient way to deal with it, once and for all.

2 – Remove the Food Source

If you have ants, for example, they are usually searching for food on your property. If you remove the spills, remove what it is they are eating, or prevent them from reaching their food source, this removes the ant problem. They will move elsewhere. Removing the food source is clean, easy, no chemicals are used, and it might take care of the problem without moving to step 3.

3 – Predator Introduction

So, if you have a rat problem, have you thought about getting a cat? This is the oldest way of dealing with pests, though it’s not a guarantee that they will go away. Nor is it a guarantee that you will be able to find their predator. For example, lizards will eat cockroaches but where are you going to find enough lizards to eat your whole roach problem? Afterwards, what would you do with all the lizards? 

But for cat and mouse, dog, and rat, this works fine.

4 –Poison

If all of the above don’t work or are impossible, it’s time to turn away from the more natural means of dealing with your pest problem by bringing in the big guns. Laying down poisons can be hazardous if you have children or small animals at home. Otherwise, placing food laced with poison within the pest’s reach is likely to work quickly. Many modern poisons focus on bringing the tainted material back to their nest. This then kills the others, too.

5 – Trapping

You can trap pests in your home as well. There are some traps which are inhumane and should be avoided. Though there are some that are less inhumane that would allow you to catch the critters and release them elsewhere. Trapping is generally used on larger pests like rodents and raccoons. Smaller pests tend to be eradicated in stage 4. Some traps kill, too, but not instantly. Please do your research before you choose this method.

Still stuck for Pest Control?

If all of the above fail to work, go back to the beginning and use step 1. A professional The Colony wildlife control professional knows the habits and habitats that your pests use daily. Their knowledge and expertise could be all it takes to rectify your pest problem, once and for all.

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