Pros and Cons of Marble: Is It the Right Fit for Your Bathroom?

When you are remodeling your bathroom, you want it to be perfect. That includes the vanity top and sink. Is marble the correct material for your bathroom? Marble is a countertop material that will last a long time and be easy to keep clean. Marble is a natural stone that is mined in quarries. It can be used on countertops, walls, and floors for a classic look that is always in style. There are other countertop materials available, and some of them cost less than marble. You must decide on the balance between cost and appearance. 

Pros and Cons of Marble: Is It the Right Fit for Your Bathroom?
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The Vanity Is An Important Design Element in a Bathroom

Unique Vanities give a bathroom personality and character. They set the style for the whole bathroom. Once the new vanity is picked, all other bathroom elements are chosen to coordinate with it. The best vanity supplier will have a good selection of vanity styles and sizes to choose from. Consider purchasing a vanity online. This is a newer way of purchasing furniture, but you get a much wider choice of styles, finishes, and sizes.

Online suppliers have experts such as contractors, designers, plumbers, and electricians available to help clients make the correct purchasing decisions. Once a decision is made, the in-stock vanities will ship within three business days.

Choosing the new vanity at the beginning of the design process will give a homeowner guidance for the rest of the decor choices. Lighting fixtures, mirrors, wall and floor finishes, sinks, toilets, bathtub, and shower choices can all be chosen to look good with the vanity.

The Vanity Top

When choosing the perfect vanity top, there are often several choices including marble, ceramic, copper, glass, granite, quartz, sandstone, travertine, wood, and more. The choice of countertop may come down to color or budget. But, marble is a nice, classic choice that is strong and will last a long time even in heavily used bathrooms. There are also smaller vanities where the sink makes up the whole top. Sinks can come in many of the same materials as vanity tops.

If the vanity top is chosen without a sink, a sink must be picked and the vanity top must have a hole cut to fit the sink that will be added. This vanity supplier sells sinks as well as vanity tops. The best way to go would be to order both the vanity top and the sink from the same place to make sure they will work together and the supplier will install the sink in the vanity top.

Why is Marble a Good Vanity Top Choice?

Marble countertops cost a little more than some other materials, but the rich look is worth the extra expense to many homeowners. Marble is timeless and will never go out of style. Marble is a stone formed from limestone that is crystallized along with other materials that give it dramatic coloration and veining. Marble comes in three finishes including honed, polished, and antiqued. The shiny polished surface may be less prone to stains and scratches. Three pros and cons of marble include the following.

1. Marble is a porous stone that needs a little maintenance to keep looking its best. It should be sealed every couple of years to help it resist scratches and stains. Any spills should be wiped up right away. The homeowner should avoid harsh cleaners and acidic chemicals. Since marble can vary on how porous it is, choose a marble that is less porous for a bathroom vanity top.

2. For many, marble has a timeless beauty that is worth a little effort at maintenance. The classic look is hard to match with other materials.

3. Marble is a natural stone which makes it a good choice for those looking for natural materials that are ecologically friendly. Mining marble takes equipment and labor but the materials last longer than man-made options, making it a good environmental choice.

Marble is strong and long-lasting so, once you install it, it is there for many years looking beautiful. Though it can get stains and small scratches, they tend to form an attractive patina over time that homeowners like. Marble is heat resistant but does need some practical consideration. Don't set hot pots or curling irons directly on it.

Choosing a Vanity and Vanity Top

To start the vanity shopping process, measure the space the vanity will be installed in. Vanities come in many standard sizes. Ordering a custom size will add considerably to the cost. Know the space's maximum width and depth. This will help narrow down the vanity choices. Next, know where the plumbing lines are and where they must connect with the vanity sink. Make sure the plumbing hookups will match the ones on the new vanity.

Consider the style wanted for the bathroom decor. Limit vanity choices to that style. The style can be modern, traditional, transitional, rustic, or others. You can shop online by preferred style. Once the style is set, think about the finish or color. Vanities come in several stain finishes and some paint finishes. Once the vanity style, size, and color are set, it is time to choose the vanity top and sink.

Vanities come in different configurations, including corner vanities, free-standing, wall mount, pedestal, standard depth, and narrow depth. Vanities can come as single sinks or double sinks. The widths available can range from 30 inches and under to as much as 72 inches and more. Their depth can go from 10 inches and under to 36 inches. Smaller vanities tops might consist of the sink alone.

What Goes With A Vanity?

Don't forget all the items that go with a vanity. The vanity may be the main attraction, but other items are needed to go with it. The sink and vanity top must fit the vanity perfectly. Then there must be a sink drain, faucets, and controls. Above the vanity, the bathroom will need a mirror and lighting. The walls and floors must have attractive finishes to complement the new vanity. The toilet and bathtub or shower should have hardware that coordinates with the vanity hardware.

When everything is chosen to go well together, the bathroom will be attractive and pleasant to spend time in.

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