Plan a Bachelorette Weekend Everyone Will Rave About

A wedding is all about celebrating the love between the bride and the groom, but sometimes, girls just want to have fun! And what better way for the ladies to let their hair down leading up to the wedding than the bachelorette weekend, right? Gone are the days when a bachelorette party was no more than a modest dinner or a small gathering before the big day. Now, it can be anything from a destination weekend to a spa stay to a day or so of adventure - the sky’s the limit!

Plan a Bachelorette Weekend Everyone Will Rave About
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In this article, we give you the essential details about this wedding tradition that started with women's liberation more than 50 years ago and included tips on how to make it a truly remarkable time for the bride and her girls.

The Host

Similar to a bridal shower, planning a bachelorette party is oftentimes a task delegated to the maid-of-honor along with the bridesmaids. However, other ladies close to the bride are often a part of the guest list. The girls are responsible for making the bride’s last moments of of being single truly memorable ones. Keep in mind that having several women on the list doesn’t mean all of them should be brainstorming. To avoid clashes or too many suggestions, one or two people leading the preparations should be enough.

The Timing

The bride is going to have a hectic schedule weeks before the big day, so it’s best to set a bachelorette weekend as far in advance as possible. If you want to go out of town for the celebrations, a three-month notice should be a minimum to give the bride and guests enough time to clear their schedules. In case your event takes place in a local venue, four to six weeks before the big day is an ideal time to throw the party. If your event falls on a holiday, you may have to pay extra for airfare and hotel, so don’t forget to take this detail into account.

The Reservations

Once you have determined who’s attending the bachelorette weekend, you can start making reservations, i.e., a hotel or an Airbnb. Be sure to book the right flights, car rentals, and even spa sessions ahead of time. Since you’re just making a reservation, you won’t usually have to pay just yet, but you may need to make a downpayment to secure the dates. Getting the dates confirmed to avoid any booking issues is a great idea — you don’t want the bride getting stressed out weeks before her big day!

The Bride’s Preferences

When planning a bachelorette party, it is best to ask the bride’s input. The idea is to make her as happy as possible, so ask her if she has any specific destination and dates in mind as well as certain activities she would like to try out before saying “I Do.” From this point, it is the host’s responsibility to turn her dreams into a reality. However, be sure to keep your questions to a minimum as the bride is already busy planning a bigger event!

Sharing Responsibilities

Just because a person or two are planning the bachelorette weekend, doesn’t mean they should be the only ones doing all the work. Think of it as you would a group project, where everyone has a part to play. Delegate tasks such as sending invites, making dinner reservations, booking transportation, and ordering tickets. Some of the girls should also be responsible for the decoration, food and drink, and activities.

Involving the Fiance

We know a bachelorette weekend is dedicated to the bride, but that doesn’t mean the groom should be completely out of the picture. A surprise bouquet of flowers, for example, from her future husband would be a gorgeous touch that the bride will love.

Hosting a bachelorette weekend adds excitement and fun to the bride’s overall experience. Use these tips to help you plan a weekend to remember! If you are looking for a supplier of a wedding monogram projector or pipe and drape DIY then visit the links and plan your reception in style.

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