What Can You Use A Soldering Iron For?

If you are an electrician, a jewellery maker, metal worker or an electrician, you will be very familiar with what a soldering iron is. But anyone outside of professions which require the use of them, may not be.

What Can You Use A Soldering Iron For?
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Soldering irons can be a handy piece of kit to keep in your toolbox – even if you never plan on doing electrical work, soldering irons have many applications that can prove to be useful around your home. 

In this article, we explore exactly what a soldering iron is and the different ways in which it can be utilised effectively.  

What is a soldering iron?

Solder is a metal alloy with a low melting point that can be used to fuse two other pieces of metal together – and a soldering iron is the handheld electric device used to do just this. With a pointed, heated tip, it’s handy for fusing very small and accurate surface areas. 

What are the creative uses of a soldering iron?

Soldering doesn’t always have to be for electronics. It is often used in many recreational ways. Stained glass workers use lead-free solders for creating stained glass windows and mosaic sculptures. The basic tool you need for this is a 100-watt soldering iron. You can also use a soldering iron in creative past times such as jewellery making, to fuse pieces together.

What are the practical uses of a soldering iron?

One of the most common uses in which soldering irons are required is for circuit boards. Because solder can act as a conductor for electrical currents, it is extremely useful for any electronic device. Soldering can be successfully used to build the components of these devices. Soldering is also useful for electrical wiring. 

This is why many electricians are familiar with soldering, as they often use soldering on a daily basis. When you want to make a connection between wires, manually twisting them together is an important start, but it’s not a strong connection long term. Soldering can fuse the wires together much more securely, which in turn, makes the connection stronger and much more reliable. Due to solder being a strong metal conductor, wires which have been soldered together can also help to improve the flow of electricity within electrical wiring. 

What safety measures should I take when soldering?

Due to the extremely high temperatures which the iron can reach, it's important you be careful and take necessary precautions when using the tool. It all starts with the safety of the iron and equipment used. 

The higher the quality of your iron the more safety features it should include, such as an insulated handle. Make sure you invest in tools from a well-known reputable brand. Alongside this, wearing heatproof gloves and creating a safe hazard-free area to work within are always advised before beginning any soldering projects. 

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