The Ultimate Guide For The Best Summer Fabrics To Wear

The gratifying salty breeze during hot summer days might be the closest thing to dreaming with our eyes wide open. It's a time of year much loved by many. Summer sunshine is the antidote to the winter blues. So get ready to dust-off the much-neglected flip-flops, swimsuits, and kaftans, and head to the beach with a jump in your step!

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The Ultimate Guide For The Best Summer Fabrics To Wear
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If you aren't feeling this level of festivity towards Summer, then it might be time to say `Thank you, Next!` and revive your summer wardrobe. Yes, the summer pinnacle of joy for every well-dressed summer fashion enthusiast is to wear lavish garments and forget that stickiness has become the middle name for everyone wearing polyester.

Fabric choice has been one of the most tackled topics in the fashion realm since the beginning of its course in time. One of the most appraised guiding lines in terms of style is to always complement the garment’s design with a high-standard fabric. Just like an astounding piece of art has to be positioned in such a way that captivates the right rays of light, your summer fabric choices can offset your entire look.

If you are on a posh search for summer fabrics that work wonders both for back-to-back prolonged office meetings and also for being photographed outside Paris Fashion Week, then this is the ultimate summer fabric guide.

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Arguably the savior of impossible to resist summer days, cotton is renowned for its breathable properties. It all boils down to moisture control and cotton is the ultimate key to simple sophistication. But bear in mind that this doesn’t mean we have room for dullness.

Varying from Pima cotton to Egyptian cotton (suitable for a Carrie Bradshaw moment in the concrete desert of the modern landscape), its organic fibers bring the game to a whole different level. Extremely breathable and adaptable, cotton has graced the catwalk in many couture creations, as well as ready-to-wear gear, for decades. 


Linen clothing is the ideal candidate for a relaxed summer stroll. A linen suit is such a poignant yet effortless choice for summer. You’ll be sweat-free due to its high resistance to moisture and endurance to high temperatures.

Even if linen tends to crease, those wrinkles are part of the laid back and dreamy look.

Waking up on a Sunday morning, grabbing a butter croissant on your way to pick up fresh flowers from the farmers' market has never been more stylish than now. Simply pair a neutral colored high-waist, loose-fitting linen pants, tuck in a cotton white shirt and add a light beige wide brim hat. 


Sustainability is a hot topic nowadays, especially when talking about the fashion industry. Right now, being stylish means being eco-friendly and jumping out of the always on the move fast-fashion train.

Bamboo is a sustainable natural fiber. Known to absorb carbon dioxide emissions and release oxygen back into the atmosphere, this essential summer fabric has way more benefits than you can imagine. More and more boutiques have started incorporating bamboo clothing into their range and it’s starting to stand its own in the fashion world.

Running in high heels all day in a figure-hugging synthetic dress is no fun, especially if you struggle with body odor. Naturally equipped with antibacterial attributes, you’ll feel free to dance and run as much as you want without worrying about knocking that guy out.

Bamboo fabric can feel like a second skin. Luxurious, soft and moisture absorbing, bamboo is a summer fabric that will transfer your body heat outside and capture in the fresh air. Perfect for traveling, a bamboo garment will block out any moisture and adapt your body temperature.

For a stylish summer outfit, opt for a bamboo long dress in natural colors and accessorize it with leather straps sandals, a mini raffia tote and you’ll make an organic and head-turning statement. 


If denim had a brother, Chambray would be it. But just like all siblings, each has a few different attributes. With a light woven and sporty-chic appearance, chambray is made from plain cotton fibers complemented with a blue-tinted yarn and a white-colored filling yarn.

Originating from the French town of Cambrai in the mid-1500s, this ideal summer fabric is more breathable than classic denim. It's summer-appropriate due to its soft texture and airy caress on the skin. Chambray is a foolproof hit for shorts, tops, skirts, and even utility jumpsuits.

Chambray is a smart fabric choice for summer days at the office that turn into happy hours. Strutting the streets in a chambray shirt and a navy structured jacket paired with classic boot cut jeans and high heeled dust-colored mules is a fast out-of-the door look that easily transcends from day to night. 


Naturally sourced, silk is one of the lightest of summer fabrics. The most famous silk is attained from the cocoons of the mulberry silkworms. Its shimmering fibers are bound to create a wavy dance of color around your entire outfit.

Flowing through heated summer days, silk prevents you from having a humid breakdown. Known to adjust the body temperature both during warmer and chillier seasons, silk is a luxurious alternatives to rayon (a man-produced fabric created from cotton, cellulose and a concoction of natural fibers).

Including a statement silk dress into your wardrobe is a refined and radiant choice for a flamboyant, yet feminine and compelling look. 

Words of Fashion Wisdom

Embracing sustainable natural fibers into your ethical luxury fashion collection will safely guard you through sunny summers. Opt for high-quality fabrics which lead you to better investments and environmentally conscious choices. And always remind yourself that a well-indulged summer resides in cherished memories and breezy aesthetics.

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