Personal Day: 9 Relaxing Activities to Do on Your Day Off

As much as you love that rush of accomplishment that comes from putting in a hard day’s work, you have to admit that the daily grind can get a bit overwhelming. Powering through late nights and tight deadlines may be part of the job you signed on for but suffering through sleepless nights and tension headaches most definitely are not.

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Personal Day: 9 Relaxing Activities to Do on Your Day Off
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Do yourself and your coworkers a favor and cash in one of those elusive personal days you’ve been hoarding all year. Not sure the best way to spend your precious not-sick-and-def-not-on-vacation free day? Check out our suggestions for nine relaxing activities you can do on your day off to get your best self back to working order. 

1. Sleep In

If a little R&R is your main objective for your personal day, then you definitely shouldn’t feel bad about giving your alarm clock the day off as well. Make the most of your free day and plan at least a solid eight hours of sleep to make sure you wake up feeling refreshed. After all, everyone has suffered through a sleepy-eyed staff meeting or two in their careers (per week) but you don’t want to waste your personal day by being too groggy to enjoy all of those carefree activities you’ve planned for yourself.  

2. Exercise

Whether going for a hike with a friend or catching that yoga class at the gym you’ve never been able to make, getting your body moving is a great way to start your day off right. Not only will you feel good about making the time to take care of your body, but exercise has been proven to reduce stress, putting you in a good mental place to tackle the rest of the day. Put on your cute activewear and get moving! 

3. Unplug

If you’re someone who’s used to burning the candle at both ends when it comes to work, then taking a day off from your usual availability can be hard. Do yourself a favor and be proactive about your need to unplug. Do your best to make your office aware that you will not be reachable during your personal day. 

Instead, task one of your office teammates to handle any important business that might arise in your absence. For the work-things that can wait, a simple “I’ll be away from the office” automated message on your voicemail and email replies should do the trick. Trust us. We know it feels like the job can’t possibly survive a day without you but, chances are, it can. 

4. Take a Long Bath

Most days only allow for a quick shower, but if relaxing is your main objective for the day then skip the shower and opt for a long, luxurious bath instead. And, no, a simple loofah and bar of soap are not enough to consider it luxurious. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home and use some aromatherapy products to help wash your stress away. A skin moisturizing bath bomb is a great addition to any soak and will ensure you emerge from the tub relaxed, refreshed, and feeling really, really smooth. 

5. Pamper Your Skin

Once you’ve emerged stress-free and squeaky clean from your relaxing bath, treat your skin to a little TLC with a few decadent skin products. No need to rush through your moisturizing routine on your day off. Take some time to try a face mask or give yourself a pedicure complete with pumice stone treatment (you know you need it). Whatever your skin needs may be, a leisurely personal day is the perfect time to pay it some attention. 

6. Socialize

Just because you’re taking a personal day doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it all by yourself. If socializing with friends and loved ones makes your heart and mind happy, then coordinating a day off with your bestie or spouse could be exactly the thing you need to reconnect with what’s truly important in life. Plan to hang out with someone who makes you smile on your day off—whether it’s spending all day together on an adventure or grabbing a quick lunch. Spending quality time with someone who truly knows the real you (and who can speak your truth when you start to stress out) could be the highlight of your day. 

7. Be Creative

Work may be where you spend most of your time, but it definitely isn’t the thing that defines who you are. Get in touch with your creative side and turn your stress into beauty. Relax with a cup of tea and get lost in the hypnotic patterns of a coloring book or try freehand water painting to take your mind off of that nagging To-Do list. Even turning the radio up really high and letting the music move you can be just what your creative spirit needs to let loose. 

8. Escape with Fantasy

How often do you think about starting a movie at home and then decide against it because you feel guilty about sitting still for two hours of pure entertainment? On your day off, give yourself permission to get lost in a good book or movie for however long it takes to feel satisfied. After all, someone spent a lot of time creating that world you’re about to enjoy. Don’t you think you owe it to them to give it your undivided attention? 

9. Reflect on the Day

Take a minute to reflect on your day of leisure and take stock of how you felt at the beginning of the day versus the end of the day. Journaling may be a great way to do this or simply just taking a moment of quiet before bed to ask yourself a few basic questions. 

Are you satisfied with how you spent your time? Do you feel refreshed or do you need more time to regroup? What can you do differently in life to feel a little less stressed every day? Taking the time to get in tune with your state of mind and thinking about how you can maintain a happy, healthy state of being will definitely prove beneficial in the long run. 

Whatever your job, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re not taking care of you. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of your personal days to practice a little self-care from time to time. We promise you’ll notice a difference—and so will everyone who works with you.  

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