5 Dresses Perfect for Cold Weather

When lower temperatures come around to stay for a season or two, that's the time to showcase your fabulous winter style. The good news is that you can winterize some of your favorite summer dresses, and by doing so, you'll extend your wardrobe. With a few tips you'll find out how easy it is to wear womens dress clothes that are perfect for cold weather.


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5 Dresses Perfect for Cold Weather
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1. Turtleneck Sweater Over a Mini Dress 

Pull a long sleeve turtleneck sweater over a mini dress. This strategy will result in an illusion of a skirt and top set. Wear tall boots or even thigh highs to complete the look. 

2. Mini Dress with Black Leggings 

Invest in several pairs of black leggings for an instant summer-to-winter transformation for your mini dresses. The key to wearing leggings fashionably is to keep the color consistent all the way down to the shoes. 

Black tights paired with short black boots or suede shoes make it all appropriate for winter weather. Just as you would wear a slip with a dress and sheer stockings, you'll find it more comfortable and warmer to wear a slip with tights too. 

Another tip is to purchase fleece-lined leggings. They'll likely get you through some of the coldest winter days in your mini dress without shivering. 

3. Midi Sweater Dress and Long Wool Coat 

Because the length of a midi varies (from two inches past the knees to touching the calves), it's a staple in womens dress clothes. A midi sweater dress was designed for cooler weather. Stay trendy and warm by wearing a matching long wool that's slightly shorter than the dress. Short boots or shoes in a different neutral color will break up the sameness. 

4. Pair a Midi Dress with Leather or Demin Black Pants 

Wear skinny black leather pants or denim underneath your midi dress. Make it casual by selecting simple pull-on sneakers, or dress it up with stylish pointed-toe pumps. 

5. Short Leather Jacket over Any Length Dress 

Mini dresses and maxis and even midis all look great when you throw on a short leather jacket to winterize the look. Invest in at least two contrasting color jackets. For example, try one in camel or beige, however, a short black leather jacket is a must-have. 

A Few More Tips for Winterizing Any Dress and Extending Your Wardrobe 

Wear infinity scarves to warm your neck. This accessory quickly transforms any summer dress to a winter one.

Go with a simple color range for your dresses. Try a mixture of solids, florals, and geometrical shape prints. Winter colors are neutral and blend in with nature such as black, gray, brown, beige, winter white. 

Add accessories to complete your outfit. Bold collar necklaces are trending. They add elegance plus drama. 

Dresses are always in vogue, so you don't have to store them away until summer rolls around again. Instead, have some fun winterizing them. The most convenient way to buy chic items is by shopping online at Dress Barn. During this time, they are open for online shopping only. You can get some ideas and then buy womens dress clothes, shoes, and other complementary accessories based on what you already have in your wardrobe.

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