What to Bring on a Fall Road Trip

Fall is the most beautiful time of the year.  Leaves are changing, the heat of summer is drifting away, and some of the best food of the year comes into season.  It’s not a new idea to take a road trip to enjoy these views, but this year there’s a higher number of people taking these trips than ever before.  If you’re wanting to head out on a road trip for fall, and aren’t sure what to pack, here are the top things you should keep in your car!

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What to Bring on a Fall Road Trip
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Extra Blankets and Coats

Fallis like a comfortable stepping stone between summer's blissful warmth and the rage and snowstorms that winter can bring.  Nights can feel a lot like winter, though, and if you don't pack correctly, being stranded on the road during a cold turn in the weather, you could be in danger.  Keep extra blankets, coats, and gloves in your car so that you have them to fall back on in emergencies.   These can also generally be handy to keep your car comfortable and cozy for everyone! 

Cat Litter

This item might be confusing if you're not from an area of the country that gets tons of ice and snow, but cat litter can be vital to have on hand if you're driving long distances.  The use of it is that if you get stuck in snow or ice, you can pour cat litter around your tires to suck away any moisture and get unstuck.  This item leaves you safer if you're traveling alone and don't know the area. 

Endless Snacks

Keep lots of food in your car.  Not just what you plan on eating, but also food that will come in handy if your vehicle gets stuck on the side of the road somewhere.  The best choice for waiting out getting your car unstuck is any protein like jerky and bread or sweets that will keep your body full while you wait out being stuck and seeking out Philadelphia houses for sale. 

Emergency Cash

You must keep some small cash amount in your car.  This money could help if your card is stolen or lost, and you need gasoline or other essential goods.  Please don't waste this emergency cash unless you need it.  You can store this anywhere in your car to help yourself find it later.  Keeping this cash in your vehicle is an excellent reason to remember to keep your doors locked at any time that you're not in your car. 

Personal Safety Equipment

Right now, a road trip means putting yourself in the way of possible transmission of COVID-19.  When traveling, it's essential to consider how you can keep yourself and others safe.  Bring extra masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes with you to help you save you and your passengers secure.  

At the end of every day, wipe down the most commonly touched parts of your car.  Wear a mask when you're not inside of your vehicle, and when hand washing isn't an option, use the hand sanitizer to help clear away germs.

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