The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Perfect Home

Everyone gets excited at the thought of purchasing a new home. Getting to cook in that perfect kitchen you've always wanted, living room drapes that you can't get off your mind and many other excitements that come with owning a new house, you can check modlust.  However, looking for the perfect home can be a daunting task. From the house hunt, mortgage process, negotiations, to the many costs involved, to mention a few of the activities you have to do before you close down on a home purchase. This guide will make your house-hunting process easy and exciting as you venture to look for the perfect home.

Finding Your Perfect Home, Real Estate, House, Real Estate Agent, Property, House Hunting, Lifestyle
The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Perfect Home 
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Budget first

Before you start your house hunting, you must have a budget for your new house. Unless you are paying for it in cash, you have to apply for a mortgage. With a mortgage preapproval form, you can now approach Estate Agents Portsmouth. Most realtors or home-sellers will ask for a loan preapproval form before they decide to work with you to ensure you are not wasting their time.

Remember, there are many costs involved before closing a home purchase like the deposit payment, appraisal fees, realtors fees, mortgage insurance, property taxes, utility bills, homeowners association fees, and of course a home warranty company which will cover all your new home's appliances. Budget for that to avoid emergency expenses when it comes to closing the home purchase.

For the first time home buyer, keep in mind do check the first time homebuyer credit so that you dont over-run your budget. You will come across many houses you love in your house hunting, but they surpass your budget, so be ready to stick to your budget. When you know-how much of a house you can afford, you are prepared to visit and check out the homes within your budget.

Identify your priorities

After you make your budget, identify your priorities regarding what you want your house to have- the must-haves and good-to-have. Identify if you want a home near a school or your workplace or a shopping center, how many bedrooms etc. Many realtors advise homebuyers first to identify their needs and wants. That way, you will quickly identify what you want, and you simplify the realtor's work of finding you the perfect home.

Finding Your Perfect Home, Real Estate, House, Real Estate Agent, Property, House Hunting, Lifestyle

Find a real estate agent

Finding a house with a real estate agent is easy. They know what homes are available in what location at what time. Even if you have to pay them, working with an agent saves you a lot of time in house hunting since it is not easy. You only have to tell them what you want, and they will do the hard work for you. Your work will be to view the available houses.

When finding a real estate agent or realtor, be careful to find a reputable one who will advise you genuinely regarding houses. Look for referrals from friends and check their customer reviews first. For instance, choosing an agent not affiliated to the seller is advisable since they will have your best interests at heart.

Utilize online real estate sites

Online property sites make a perfect place to look for a house with ease. Since you have already identified what you want, begin by examining the different available properties on the websites of real estate companies such as Most of these websites give you alerts when there is a new property in the market that suits your description.

In your house description, be specific about what style of a house you want, the location, your requirements, etc. That way, the agent will know you are serious about house hunting and put you on top of their list when a new property in the market that suits your budget and requirements comes up.

Go for first and second house viewing

When you get a property you like, go for the viewing, check out the home, the neighborhood, the surroundings, the space the house occupies, the view, etc., to know if you like the property. Sometimes you may pick a property on the website only to find that it doesn't look like it appeared on the photos.

Remember that the first impression isn't always enough. Visit the property and check it out a second time. You can also speak with the neighbors and ask them how the place is like, how the amenities are, the costs of living there, etc. That way, you will be sure if you want to buy the property or not.

Determine whether you meet the requirements for down payment assistance

There are thousands of down payment assistance programs available throughout the US, which can aid you in obtaining the necessary funds to purchase your first home. Websites like Stairs Financial can assist you in identifying all the programs you are eligible for, including those provided by federal, state, and local government programs as well as non-profit organizations.

Make an offer

It is always advisable to make an offer and negotiate the property before you make the sale agreement. Many home sellers price their property at higher prices because they expect you to bargain narrowing down. If you are dealing with a realtor, remember they must meet the owner's requirements by achieving the best price. Do not feel afraid to make an offer you think will be suitable for the house.

If you have an honest agent, they will advise you on the exact price or the property's worth in the market at the moment. He/she will also notify you when a homeowner is selling property at an overrated price.

Get an appraiser

Having an appraisal done on the house determines the items' value, such as appliances, if they are up for sale, and the house's overall condition. Finding an independent home inspector is advisable since he/she will give you an unbiased view of the property. That will be much better than paying for the house and then finding out later that it had some discrepancies.

If there are any issues, the owner may lower the house's price or discount the items. You will agree on the most suitable option for both of you.

Close the costs

When you are fully satisfied with everything in the house, including the cost and condition, pay for your home. Pay the deposit, get the mortgage, and pay all the costs involved, including the appraisal and realtors fees.

Sign the sale agreement and close down the costs of your new home. That way, the sale will end successfully, and you can move into your new home and celebrate with your family and friends.

It is easy to get anxious, overexcited, or worried when trying to find your perfect home. The best way is to plan early. When you plan first, you do everything at your pace. Also, avoid making rush decisions when buying a home.

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