What Is a Chesterfield Sofa? And Why You Need One

If you've ever stepped foot on a hotel, museum, or maybe your friend's house that has Old British interior design to it, you probably have seen a chesterfield sofa without even knowing that it is one. It is a classic furniture piece that depicts the history of the British aristocracy. Even today, it is oozing with a high-class vibe that makes the room look more grand and sophisticated.

What Is a Chesterfield Sofa? And Why You Need One
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What is a Chesterfield Sofa? 

A Chesterfield sofa has rolled armrests that are equal to the height of the back. It is usually upholstered in dark leather and deep tufting. Today, you may have noticed that there are also versions of it made with slimmer and taller legs, no arms, or upholstered with a velvet cloth. You can check the Chesterfield Sofa Company to see how they build them longer than standard sofas, which makes it more majestic looking. 

History of Chesterfield Sofa 

The Chesterfield Sofa came about when Lord Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, wanted a piece of furniture that would not cause creases to a gentleman's suit. He then commissioned a local craftsman and made one for him. He admired the result, and so as other people around him. 

Lord Philip was a renowned writer and politician, belonging to one of the wealthy British families. He was an icon for fashion styles and trends during his time. People adore him for having that natural gentleman aura in himself, overflowing with class and sophistication. 

When Lord Philip died, he passed on his Chesterfield chair to his godson, Solomon Dayrolles, who was a diplomat and an admirer of this masterpiece. Solomon gladly welcomed the furniture piece into his home, and it grabbed the attention of his visitors. Since Solomon's visitors were mostly upper-class people, the admiration spread out, even more, when they also made their own versions of the Chesterfield sofa. 

Evolution of Chesterfield Sofa 

The original Chesterfield sofa and replicas of it were focused more on the leather and tufting design it has. However, during the Victorian era, they added springs and improved the sofa's buttoning so that it would be more comfortable to sit in. 

When Queen Victoria had designed her throne to a similar look, the Chesterfield sofa's popularity rose. It became the staple furniture to every wealthy family's home. It was upholstered with luxurious leather and elegant velvet, which added to the upper-class houses' grand ambiance. 

In present times, the Chesterfield sofa has been given a more contemporary and modern look. You can see high bar stools with luxurious tufting and design, headboards and lounge furniture have similar design too. To this day, the design still adds to the classy and luxurious feel it gives to the whole room. It truly depicts the high-class history it originated from. 

Why You Need a Chesterfield Sofa 

The traditional chesterfield sofa was very uncomfortable to sit in, but now, it is considered one of the most comfortable pieces to have. Plus, it looks so majestic! Sitting on it will definitely make you feel like being part of a royal family chilling in their huge palace.

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