How to Prevent Scorpions from Getting Inside Your Bed?

Some people like keeping scorpions as house pets; however, most people find them dangerous. When these insects are kept as pets, they are kept in secure places, so they do not disturb the owners. However, when these insects enter your home randomly, it can be very frustrating. Scorpions are nocturnal and become active at night; many people who have scorpions in their homes find it hard to sleep peacefully. These creatures are often attracted to bedding and moisture and make their home under beds or in bathrooms. And in a community like Morris County, in order to prevent scorpions and other insects from entering your home, it is essential that you hire the best pest control service in Flanders.

How to Prevent Scorpions from Getting Inside Your Bed?
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Scorpion stings are mostly nonlethal but can be very painful. In some cases, the stings might be fatal as well. If you or your family members ever experience a scorpion sting, it is recommended to clean the wound with mild soap and place a cool compress on the wound. 

If any other symptoms occur, it is best to visit a doctor for proper care.  If you live near a forest or have greenery around, scorpions can be a very common sight. Here are some tips to help you keep them out. 

1. Close All Entryways

Scorpions usually enter the home through gaps and cracks; it is recommended to close any holes or spaces to keep these animals away. The space under the doors can also be an entry point for them, keeping the space to a minimum.

2. Keep Your Bedding Off the Floor

Scorpions can climb clothes, blankets, and bed sheets very easily. This is why it is recommended that none of these items should be on the floor. If any cloth item is on the floor, it is recommended to shake it many times before putting it inside your cupboard or on your bed as this can keep them away. Make sure your bedding also doesn’t touch the floor.

3. Use Mason Jars or Glass Jars

Mason jars or glass jars can come in handy while keeping scorpions away. These insects cannot climb on smooth surfaces like glass and plastic; therefore, placing your bed feet in mason jars or glass jars can prevent them from getting onto your bed.

4. Use Sticky Insect Traps

Placing sticky traps near the bed and near your bedroom walls can help you trap scorpions; these traps must be placed at night time as these animals are more active during that time.

5. Shift Your Bed Away From the Wall

One simple way to keep scorpions away from your bed is to move it away from the wall. In many cases, these insects usually get to the bed through climbing on walls.

6. Keep Citrus Plants in Your Room

Keeping plants indoors has recently become a fashion trend. However, this can also help keep scorpions away as citrus and lavender scents are known to deter these creepy crawlies.

Now that we have guided you on how to prevent scorpions from getting in your bed, it is important to remember that you might need to contact a pest control group to keep your home safe in some cases. 

These companies also have many free tips on their website to guide you more about scorpion control. Your home should be a safe space and it is important to keep bugs and insects that can harm you and your loved ones out of that space.

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