The Benefits Of A Virtual Mailbox Service

If you’re like me then you will dread seeing the mounds of papers filling up the letterbox at the end of the drive. The lid unable to close for the various companies trying to get their foot in the door with their advertising and promotions, and yes, I understand this is a means to an end and sales need to be made in whichever way possible, but does it need to be every week?

Virtual Mailbox Service, Virtual Mailbox, Lifestyle
The Benefits Of A Virtual Mailbox Service

Then you have the bills which, of course, nobody enjoys seeing being popped in the post and delivered without fail, so what are we to do? Utilities need to be paid to live comfortably, families have needs that are to be met to maintain the lifestyles we have become accustomed to, and sorting through a brown and white envelope assortment is the last thing we want.

This is where having stumbled across this service and company, and which saved my life and my sanity, changed my life and organization never to look back. 

Saving grace

Who knew that simply letting others receive the bulk ‘junk mail’ you don’t want to see could be so relieving, a weight off your shoulders that seemed to get heavier with each passing month all the while watching the paper pile grow in size.

What am I talking about? A service that has options which allow you to forward all your incoming physical mail for them to sort through (under high security and privacy practices) and scan the requested ones back to you at a mail address you provide, all the while having access to the copies online readily available at a moment’s notice.

Sounds too good to be true right, well the day has come where you can turn the corner on stress and clutter-free life, and pay attention only to the tasks you deem important. To learn more visit for a step closer to focusing on the details in life you want and need and fewer unnecessary paper handlings.

Life is too short to be hiding behind envelopes and mounting flutters of paper, and the mail you state as not needed or junk will be securely and safely shredded in compliance with government regulations for that added peace of mind. 

What is a virtual mailbox?

Essentially it does what it says on the tin, but in simpler terms, it is your physical postage box in the ‘cloud,’ an online post office packed neatly in the wide web of online activity.

Mail is scanned and sent directly to your web address as it comes in and according to your request of sorting, and all you need to do to find a document or an invoice is type the name in the virtual mailbox search bar and it will bring up all relevant information on that subject.

Knowing everything is organized and efficient and all without having to see the ‘actual’ products is a blessing and has made coming home after a long week of work that much better.

This doesn’t mean that you can never receive an envelope in the mail, we all like a Christmas card now and then don’t we, so filtering what you ‘would’ like to receive is also a great perk to this service, and delivered with no quibble and in good time makes it a service worth investing in. 

Virtual Mailbox Service, Virtual Mailbox, Lifestyle
Virtual Reality

So your interest is peaked, hearing the last bit of information is all that is needed to get you over the final hurdle, so let’s take a closer look at just how advantageous considering a virtual option for your mail can be. 

5 Benefits of virtual versus physical mailbox

• Management. This was one of the main features that appealed to my husband and I when we felt we were getting overwhelmed and swamped with papers, it is easy to access files and folders if they are just a click away and can be accessed day or night all around the world.

A great article can be found at this link in which you can read a more in-depth version of what the process entails, how to maximize the benefits thereof, and be ‘in the know’ about a document, topic of discussion, or email conversation trail you’re in the middle of at all times.

• Secure. You don’t have to worry about cheeky neighbors or nosey-bodies snooping through your mail while you’re out wondering if they are missing out on anything relating to your life. Also, if you are fortunate to be in a top position within a company, this option provides increased privacy of mail not being delivered to your home address.

• Deliveries. We have all had the drama of, at least once in our lives, having to deal with a package that has been recorded as delivered yet nowhere to be found. This way there is no middle man or ‘extra pairs of hands’ handling your parcels, it simply gets delivered by the courier company to your mail address at the warehouse for you to collect.

• Convenience. You may need to check if a signed paper has been dropped off if those blueprints have been sent over, or that birthday gift has been delivered, a quick log in to your account and you can see the status of any paperwork.

• Forwarding. A great perk is that if and when you need the physical items they are quickly and securely forwarded to wherever you are, whether on the road or having relocated. 

While I am all for keeping up with technology and the way we process our lives for efficacy, I do love a vintage mailbox, those tinned styles that we see in old movies, click here to see some old-school mailbox styles and for a trip down memory lane.

The main objective is to simplify your life to concentrate on family and the important events and happenings if this means no paperwork and easy online access to mail then I am all for it, life is busy enough as it is, am I right?

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