Feel Like Wearing Glasses Makes You Look Nerdy? Try Doing These 5 Things

Eyeglasses are necessary to correct the vision and give eye patients a whole new lease on life. Unfortunately, some individuals may feel that they look nerdy in glasses. However, choosing the best frames help them look amazing and avoid unwanted negative commentary about their eyeglasses.

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Feel Like Wearing Glasses Makes You Look Nerdy? Try Doing These 5 Things
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1. Consider Your Own Personal Style

Reviewing frames according to the individual's personal style gives them options that could make them more comfortable. When addressing style, they consider what they do every day. For instance, at work, the individual must meet a dress code, and they shouldn't choose flashy frames that are distracting. 

At work, the individual will want to look more sophisticated and avoid any indications of nerdiness. However, if they work in a field such as entertainment, it doesn't matter if the frames are neon green just as long as they are flattering and stylish. Eyewear Insight has options for everyone.

2. Consider Your Face Shape

A person's face shape could help them choose glasses that are more attractive. The optician can measure the glasses and ensure that the individual's eyes line up with the glasses. The shape of the frames must match their face shape and shouldn't make their features look aesthetically displeasing. Trying on several frames could eliminate any options that aren't attractive.

3. Keep Your Eyebrows In Check

An individual who wants to look more polished and less nerdy focus on their eyebrows. Eyebrows that are in disarray will not make the eyeglasses look appealing. In fact, it could cause the complete opposite. Trimming and shaping the eyebrows makes the eyes look great, and the eyeglasses could make the individual more aesthetically pleasing.

4. Consider Your Wardrobe and If The Glasses are a Great Fit

What a person wears dictates what eyeglasses coordinate well with each outfit. Choosing eyeglasses according to the individual's preferred clothing style helps them find glasses that are elegant and won't make them look awkward or feel uncomfortable in social settings. A frame color that is neutral could match their outfits easily and won't clash with specific shades. If they prefer, the individual could get an extra pair of eyeglasses for formal events that are more flattering with dressier attire.

5. Hairstyles Could Alter How The Glasses Look

It's important to consider possible hairstyle changes for the next two years when getting eyeglasses. Eye care specialists recommend getting an eye exam at least once every two years. This gives the individual a new opportunity to update their glasses according to fresh hairstyles that may require different frames. For example, eyeglasses with larger earpieces could off balance with a pixie haircut. 

It's a great idea to try on the frames and use an app to review hairstyles and determine if they need more flattering frames when changing hairstyles. With each person, the frames will look different with various hairstyles. Evaluating all these factors together could give the person beautiful eyeglasses that make them look terrific.

Glasses correct the vision and eliminate all the blur in the patient's life. When buying eyeglasses, the individual takes several factors into consideration. If they want to avoid looking nerdy in their glasses, the individual will want to make adjustments and try on as many pairs as possible. Their personal style and fashion-forward options can improve the way they look. Reviewing eyeglass choices helps the individual find the best frames for them.

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