How Marketing Influences Sports?

I think we’re all aware of the extent to which marketing and advertising can influence the decisions we make or the habits we acquire. Sport is one of the subjects we currently notice so much in the digital environment and on social networks. 

How Marketing Influences Sports?
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Sports marketing to promote good habits 

Sports marketing has become part of our daily lives; advertising of this kind can be found on social networks, t-shirts, football fields, television, magazines, etc. But what’s the objective of this kind of advertising? 

The truth is that there’s not just one single goal but several, among which of course making money stands out, but above all (and it’s also the goal which matters most to us) meeting the needs of people who do sport or trying to attract to this world the people who don't know about it yet. 

Of course, the sporting world is very varied, and the sole purpose is not to simply introduce them to sports such as football, basketball, paddle tennis or tennis, but to promote any kind of physical exercise and instill healthy and beneficial habits such as sport in general. 

There are many ways to exercise while being in contact with nature, in your own home, alone or accompanied, and even while doing what you like most, such as dancing. Didn’t you know? Well, by doing zumba, yoga, pilates, CrossFit, and many other kinds of exercise, you’re already undergoing an important change, or didn’t you know that exercising and enjoying yourself can also go hand in hand? 

The reason this type of advertising is so necessary is none other than the well-being which occurs in people who regularly practice these routines and exercises. 

At the present time, sport is an essential cornerstone of society and for this reason, there are many public entities and private associations which put lots of effort and dedication into promoting healthy habits focused on doing sport. 

Examples of sports marketing 

1. As the first example of this in the form of a campaign, the initiative "1 | 2 | 3 run" by Santander bank can be highlighted, an excellent way to publicize the benefits sports can have on our lives. 

2. Another great example is the "#EntrenarmeTour" carried out by Sprinter, where the leading platform for personal trainers did a tour of Spain in 2017 to promote healthy habits to everyone. Other brands such as Mapfre, Rexona, and Carrefour also collaborated in this event. 

The summary is that we live in a society where advertising is the focus wherever we go, but it’s precisely for this reason that this great visibility should be used to promote other positive aspects in addition to trying to sell cologne or a car. With campaigns and advertising like the ones mentioned above, more and more people are eager to try this healthy new world. 

Why is doing sport so important to our well-being? 

You’re probably thinking that exercising obviously helps you to be physically fit, prevents obesity, increases strength and energy, etc. But what many don’t know is that it also affects you psychologically. It’s difficult to link something which is generally done for physical well-being to also being able to influence mental well-being, but that’s the case. 

Sport reduces the risk of suffering from both physical (heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity), and mental (anxiety, depression and tension) health problems. But beyond avoiding problems, it helps us to be happier and more satisfied with ourselves. 

What exactly does doing physical activity accomplish? 

We all like to end a day thinking it’s been very productive and this is one of the most special things exercising gives us. Our schedules both in our studies and work life are exhausting and we usually go to sleep with the feeling that another day is over, but with nothing to thank life for. Few people who exercise frequently say this. 

Other benefits to highlight are an improvement in sleep quality (so the next day we’re much happier and more motivated), increased energy and strength to face the days with much more motivation, and relief from the stress and anxiety often caused by daily life. It also reduces the effects of aging and helps maintain normal weight by accelerating people's metabolism (the rate at which calories are burned). 

Are you aware of all the positive aspects sport can provide you with, while you’re having a good time? Surely you feel like changing your life. If so, go for it!

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