11 Great Reasons to Study Electrical Engineering at College

If you are currently in the process of deciding what you would like to pursue as a career, you might have already explored engineering as an option. If you have recently graduated from high school, your priority right now is probably weighing up your options to pursue higher education. Or, perhaps you left high school a long time ago and after spending some time working in a career have decided that it is time for a change.

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11 Great Reasons to Study Electrical Engineering at College
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Whatever your situation, there’s an extensive array of engineering disciplines on offer that can often make it quite difficult for aspiring students to make a choice that they are not only interested in and passionate about, but also ensure that they have good career prospects. The good news is that electrical engineering is a field that provides graduates with an unlimited amount of career opportunities. 

This study of electronic systems, circuits, devices, and anything else that involves the use of electricity is hugely instrumental in how the world works today. In fact, it would probably be impossible for most of us to imagine a modern world without the use of electrical engineering. So, it’s no surprise that thousands of students decide to gain a degree in this field.

Here we look at some of the main reasons why you should consider choosing to study electrical engineering.

High Demand for Graduates

Getting your first job as an electrical engineer is fairly easy compared to many other industries. If you’re worried that you’re going to end up living back at your parents’ home applying for endless jobs, you needn’t stress about this when you qualify as an electrical engineer. Good electrical engineers are in need all around the world and many employers have no problems with employing graduates with little work experience since they often prefer to find candidates that they can train to do things how they need from the start.

Get the Chance to Work Abroad

Engineering is certainly a global career so if you have high hopes of traveling for work in the future, you can certainly make this happen when you choose to get a degree in electrical engineering. The laws of electricity, math, and physics are consistent all around the world, meaning that distance barriers need not affect your chances of getting a well-paid job, whether you want to relocate for work or find a job that sends you to work on different projects in a range of countries around the world.

Focus on Various Other Specializations

Electrical engineering is certainly not a one-dimensional career. It’s a common misconception that engineers who focus on one discipline cannot specialize in anything else, but that’s simply untrue. As an electrical engineering graduate, you will enjoy very flexible work that has a massive range of specializations for you to choose from including microelectronics, signal processing, electrical and computer engineering, radio-frequency engineering, multimedia processing, photonics, control systems, power engineering, and much more. 

And, since the basic components of engineering tend to be fairly similar across the disciplines, the skills that you learn while studying electronic engineering can provide you with an excellent foundation to move into a different engineering discipline if you wish, such as aeronautical engineering or IT engineering.

Further Study and Advanced Career Options

As an electrical engineering graduate, there are so many options on offer when it comes to what you want to do with the rest of your career. You certainly don’t have to stop after graduating with your bachelor’s degree; there are tons of advanced degree options that allow you to focus more heavily on a certain aspect of electrical engineering. Click here to learn more about the masters in electrical and computer engineering option. Those who prefer the business side of things may consider going on to study for an MBA; an engineering degree coupled with an MBA is one of the most powerful and most sought-after qualification combinations today, combining both strong technical skills and abilities with excellent business knowledge to create some of the best leaders. It’s no surprise that a large percentage of the world’s CEOs are actually from engineering backgrounds.

Study at a Top University

Electrical engineering is a hugely popular and very broad field and as a result, you should have no problem finding an excellent college to study at. Whether you want to study at a top-rated US educational institution, study for your degree abroad or find an online degree program that you can easily fit around full-time work and your other commitments, there are several options on offer when it comes to where and how you want to become an electrical engineer.

High Job Demand

Over the past few decades, we have witnessed a massively increased use of technology in even some of the remotest areas of the world. New, innovative tech is constantly being introduced and every day it seems like something new is just on the horizon. As a result, electrical engineers, who are often behind a lot of the technologies that we have now accepted as regular parts of our lives, are in higher demand than ever before. Electrical engineers are some of the most in-demand professionals across the world and once qualified, you can be sure that job vacancies will always be open in this field and you will find new opportunities for work wherever you go.

Improve Your Skills

Along with providing you with a firm foundation for your future career and a specific skill set that will allow you to excel as an electrical engineer, working in this field can also help you broaden your experience in many other areas. For example, since most modern electronic developments are designed using computer and software programs, one of the main skills that you will certainly keep sharp while working as an electrical engineer is your computer skills. As an electrical engineer, you will be regularly installing various programs, running different analysis programs, and tweaking components to suit your project.

Affordable Study Options

Expensive tuition fees are often one of the biggest barriers to success for those who want to pursue a degree in electrical engineering; however, the good news is that there are several ways for you to save money on your pathway to becoming an electrical engineer. Online study, for example, is becoming a much more popular option for aspiring engineers who want to save money with often lower tuition fees, the ability to flexibly fit their studies around full-time work, and the option to save money on many of the costs associated with getting a degree such as relocating to a new college town or commuting to classes on a daily basis. In addition, there are several grants and scholarship options available to encourage more people to get into STEM subjects that certain students can take advantage of.

Enjoy Interesting, Fast-Paced Work

If the idea of doing monotonous tasks over and over again in an office every day makes you feel like falling asleep, you’ll be glad to hear that electronic engineering is a career that you’re unlikely to get bored with. Along with being able to play a huge part in projects that are designing new, upcoming technologies that may even have a huge impact on the world, you’ll be able to work on something new on a regular basis and keep your creative juices flowing as your input will always be valued at every stage of the project process. Electrical engineers are always looking to find solutions to the problems that society faces and find better versions of all the electrical systems and gadgets that we use today.

Rewarding Work

As an electrical engineer, you might find yourself working on technologies that are set to change the world. And, the sense of achievement that comes with knowing that you are instrumental in creating technologies that make life easier for people or even improve health and save lives can be huge. While you might not be working face-to-face with people, the work that you do will certainly have a huge impact on the world around you.

Be at the Forefront of Future Tech

Electrical engineers are at the front and center of future technology. As an electrical engineer, your job will effectively be making the future happen and coming up with new technologies that may one day be just as widely used as our smartphones, computers, TVs, and cars are today. 

The opportunity to witness the revolution of electrical devices certainly does not come around all the time and as an electrical engineer, you’ll be right in the thick of it. Electrical engineers can certainly look back on their careers with a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that they helped to bring about changes that benefitted the world.

If you’re looking for a rewarding, interesting, and well-respected career that allows you to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and use your creative mindset to come up with ideas that solve problems around the world, electrical engineering could be ideal for you.

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