Best Perfumes for Women Online - Perfume Shopping Guide 2021

I’m sure a lot of women can agree that we like to look and feel beautiful. Whether we want to be beautiful for ourselves or to feel wanted by our significant other, or attractive to those who surround us, there’s no problem in wanting to be a beauty wherever we are. 

Best Perfumes for Women Online - Perfume Shopping Guide 2021


And perfume, believe it or not, is an important part of that process. Of course, as long as you know how to use it properly, and how to pick the right one... 

Understanding Beauty

Being beautiful is not always related to how we look. There’s much more to it than wearing fancy clothes or having our hair and nails done. In most cases, the right outfit combination as well as how we move and act is what ultimately decides how pretty we are perceived as. Visit Pulse of Perfumery to buy branded perfumes.

But there’s something that works rather differently than looks and attitude. A form of stimulation that might be as strong as touch, considering how it can stimulate people in many different ways. And of course, I’m talking about smell.

My current boyfriend started to get attracted to me because I used to bathe every morning before work and we’d regularly get stuck in an elevator, and sometimes, the atmosphere would be filled with the fragrance of my conditioner. 

Since the day he revealed this information to me, I began to understand how strong a nice fragrance can be, so I decided to study something that has the potential of becoming a big weapon in a woman’s armory: perfume. And he’s been loving ever since then, and of course, I’ve also become a rather fan of finding new fragrances to enjoy. Regardless of the reason why you might want to wear perfume, I’ve got you covered. 

So I’m going to showcase some of the scents and fragrances I’ve liked the most during my research, and share why you should consider getting them. 

Aiming for Sexiness with Olympea 

This scent by Paco Rabanne is for those women who want to add more sexiness to their appeal. Did you know that scented oils were often used in ancient times to boost the libido between partners to achieve higher levels of sexual arousal? 

This type of scent might be the key you are looking for to open the door of the man you are aiming to get, and I use it quite often whenever I want to make my boyfriend aroused with a single sniff. 

Still, if you are just in the mood to feel sexy and walk in the world as if you were stepping over the rules with your feminine power, this one is for you. 

The fragrance of this one is a combination of oriental orchids that slowly put you in a bed of amber and sandalwood. The bottle is one of my favorites, since it looks like it was forged by a glass god from Greece itself, and feels like something Aphrodite would use. 

True Glamour from Jimmy Choo Original Eau de Parfum 

This one is brought to us by Jimmy Choo and is probably one of my best choices whenever I need to take care of an appointment that is serious and formal. If I could describe this scent, it would be something similar to candy, but mild yet very present and elegant. 

I got this one rather spontaneously when I was browsing a very special only shop known as Perfume Shop Ireland, you should check it out in case you are interested in even more fragrances! 

Breaking the Rules with Obsessed for Women 

This one is by the famous Calvin Klein, and it is well known for breaking the standard rules and mixing fragrances that would normally be associated with men’s cologne, such as white lavender dancing along with softly violet leaf notes. 

This one is one I like to use when I want to feel challenging, and I use it when I have an important appointment or meeting with people that I need to win over. I also use it when I meet with friends and co-workers on a holiday or free day. 

It makes me feel like I’m there to be different and stand my ground to prove a point. If I could describe it with one word, I would say empowered.

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