5 Underrated places to visit in Sikkim

If you have been to Sikkim already, then you are perhaps already swept away by its unparalleled charm and serene ambiance.  The northeast region is home to this beautiful state that is sure to make you fall in love because of those majestic Himalayas and enduring beauty around. Those who have been to Sikkim once are known to make several more trips as there is something alluring and magical about the destination that keeps pulling them back.

5 Underrated places to visit in Sikkim
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Sikkim is indeed an epitome of tranquility and peace with these emerald slopes dotted with quaint villages and multi-hued prayer flags, set against the backdrop of lofty snow-clad peaks. Very few travelers know that apart from those popular travel destinations and major tourist attractions, there are some offbeat and underrated spots to visit in Sikkim. So, why not discover those striking sites and gorgeous locations on your next Sikkim tourism itinerary?

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Here is a brief list of those relatively unknown places to visit in Sikkim:

1. The village of Borong

A beautiful and offbeat spot in Sikkim, the village of Boron, is often ignored or missed out by the tourists.  Located at 5800 ft above the sea level, Borong is also known as Borong Tsachu and is an amazing place for the trekkers. The charming village is situated on the southern side of Sikkim and is one of the best destinations to escape to if you want some peace and quiet and away from city life. 

Explore the natural grandeur of this place and some spectacular lookout points and enjoy a wonderful trekking experience. It is distinctly different from other parts of Sikkim and indeed a paradise for nature lovers. Some highlights of the village include Borong Monastery and Ralong Monastery that are considered a treasure house of architecture and religious heritage. The village is known for its organic cultivation and natural springs.

2. Gyalshing – The largest wall in Sikkim

Located in the West Sikkim, Gyalshing lies at about 6,500 feet above the sea level and is surrounded by majestic Himalayan mountains. Gyalshing means the ‘King’s Garden,’ and once, there were plenty of royal gardens that were attached to Rabdentse Palace. The site is home to the largest and the holiest wall in Sikkim, Mendang, which was built by King Chogyal Chador. 

Other sites of interest include the Khecheopalri Lake and the 17th-century Pemayangtse Monastery. Other sites of interest include the 100-year old Gyalshing Bazaar and the serene Khecheoplari Lake nearby. Yangtey, which offers a beautiful scenic view, is just a few km away from here. The understated spot has everything that a tourist needs, and its mantra beauty and elegance will remain etched in your mind forever.

3. Tsomgo Lake

Another spot in Sikkim that is worth visiting is the Tsomgo Lake, which is located at an elevation of 12,400 feet above the sea level. It is just about a 2-hour drive away from Gangtok and boasts of exotic natural grandeur. Because of the Lord Shiva shrine, it is also seen as a pilgrimage site. Enjoy a yak ride here for an unforgettable experience. Just be aware that you will need a permit to visit Tsomgo Lake. 

There are several points of attractions around such as Kyongnosla Waterfall, Nathula Pass, Tashi View Point, Himalayan Zoological Park, and more. Tsomgo Lake is popular for trekking, pilgrimage, nature sightseeing, and photography. You can sure capture the most mesmerizing pictures of the lake against the backdrop of snowcapped mountains. Buddhist monks revered the sacred lake in olden times and could forecast the future just by looking at the color of the lake water. 

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4. Ravangla

Another spot on the list of offbeat and underrated locations in Sikkim is Ravangla. The quaint and quiet village is located between Tendong and Meanam hills. If you are looking forward to an escape from the stressful urban life, then simply head for Ravangla. Find yourself surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains and lush greenery. One of the most popular sites of attraction in the village is the Buddha Park. 

Ravangla is indeed a haven for trekkers and a must for adventure lovers in Sikkim. It is well connected by a state highway and lies between Pelling and Gangtok. It. If you plan to trek to Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary, this is the starting point. Ravangla is surrounded by many flowers such as orchids and rhododendrons and attracts many Himalayan birds.

5. Sumbuk

Located in South Sikkim, Sumbuk is indeed a hidden gem towards the northeast that often goes unexplored. Surrounded by rich flora and fauna, the town offers a great holiday experience. Divided into Upper Sumbuk and Lower Sumbuk, the town boasts of enticing gardens and ancient temples. Some of the major attractions include Peacock Breeding Forest, Kolomple Rocky Mountain, and Sumbuk Shivalaya Temple. 

Explore the region to look at wild strawberries and pines, rhododendron, wild orchids, and more. Sumbuk, with more than 200 species of birds, is a birdwatcher’s paradise. You can explore the age-old temples, numerous gladiolas farms, and peacock breeding forest along the banks of the Rangit River. Visit the Kitam Bird Sanctuary and pick wild strawberries at Tamley Chaur. 

There are many more underrated spots around Sikkim that are offbeat and unexplored, such as Kaluk, Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, Yumthang Valley, Bermiok, and more. However, you can start with the above-listed sites and spots to look at the amazing side of Sikkim this year!

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