Best Steamers for All Types of Clothes

A garment steamer is one of the most reliable clothing tools that most people rarely give much attention to. Interestingly, it is one of the most efficient and easiest tools for smoothening creases from your clothes. Garment steamers are ideal for every household as they refresh your clothes, ensuring the quick removal of wrinkles and giving you a well-groomed look.

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Garment steamers come in handy when you want to take out creases from your garments and dresses without the risk of causing harm to the fabric. The fact that it does not require any contact like with the use of a pressing iron, means the risk or burning the fabric is absent. It is without doubt an easy-to-use device as you don’t require an ironing board when you want to use it.

You can read more about garment steamers here as well as how to decide on the one to go for.

Whether you decide to go for a portable steamer or a bigger model that comes with a built-in hanger for clothes, the method of usage remains the same. You will have to hold the steamer with one hand and hold the fabric with the other hand.

Now, before you buy the device, take out time to review the following tips as they will help you make the best decision. As we’ve mentioned above, steaming is way quicker than ironing and doesn’t scorch your fabrics in any way. It is against this backdrop that we have compiled these tips to guide your purchasing decision.

Factors to Consider When Making a Choice

Below are some factors to consider when deciding on which product is right for you:


You need to decide whether the steamer will be used while you’re traveling or at home. The knowledge of this will determine if you will go for a travel steamer or a home steamer.


You need to understand that steamers come at various prices. Determine a budget that is suitable for you and go for the device that fits this budget while offering suitable features.

Performance Ratings

Find out the performance rating of each model from independent review sites. Examine how fast the device heats up, the water container’s capacity and the volume of steam release. Check also, its ability to remain stable as this will give you the opportunity to know if it spills hot water. 


Review the model’s features like steam settings, brushes and collapsible handles etc. to know if they fit into the requirements of your choice device.

Energy Consumption

Read the outline of each device’s energy usage and wattage. Some large models need significant power to function. If you have adequate information about each steamer, you will be in a better position to decide which to go for.

How to Use the Steamer

Before you commence work on the fabric, the steamer should be allowed to reach optimal heat. Doing this will prevent water from sputtering and leaving unwanted marks before the steam appears. The next step will be to test the device on your kitchen towel to fully ascertain that the head is full of steam.

Always steam the fabrics in an upright, vertical position. Note also that pressing a garment down does not help in releasing wrinkles. It makes the condensation occurring in the hose to flow down instead of dribbling out.

To make use of the steaming device, touch the fabric gently with the head and observe closely the instant vanishing of wrinkles. This process allows for the penetration of steam and the relaxation of the fibers in the material. During this process, the wrinkles are removed.

Avoid touching velvet material directly with the steamer’s head. Fabrics like silk have to be steamed inside-out to prevent watermarks or streaking.

Finally, avoid putting your hand in the steam as burns occur faster than you can imagine. Also, keep it out of the reach of children and do not overfill the water container or allow the water to completely dry up as it damages the heating system.

You can check here to read more tips on how to use the steamer.

Some Recommended Steamer Brands to Consider 

Best Steamers for All Types of Clothes, Best Steamers, Home Electrical Appliances, Home Appliances, Home, Lifestyle

Now that you have a good idea of how to use your device, the following steamers are some products that come highly recommended:

Salav GS18-DJ/120

The Salav device has the power, accessories, and quality to get any job that requires steaming done. With 1,500-Watts of power, it provides hot steam capable of removing wrinkles from any kind of material including drapes, upholstery or even car interiors.

The Salav device also features a 1.8-liter translucent water container that will allow you see the water level at every point. Its water capacity is enough to sustain steaming for a period of up to 60 minutes.


This product is designed for comfort and power with several features that make it useful in the home. First, its power rating is 1,500 watts and this is enough to produce hot steam that can soften fabrics and loosen persistent wrinkles. The steam spray from the device cannot hurt users as it comes with a well-knit hose that prevents the hand from getting warm while the device is in use.

You will also find an automatic power button that turns off this device when it runs out of water supply or gets too hot. Additionally, it has a big 68-ounce water container that supports up to 60 minutes of steaming.

Rowenta IS6300

This garment steamer gives you a convenient way to keep your wears wrinkle-free. The power capacity is 1,550 watts and this is enough to produce very hot steam that is capable of relaxing any kind of wrinkle on your material. It also features a detachable and transparent liquid tank which allows the user to know the water level at every point of usage.

This unit has a cool handle that prevents one’s hand from getting hot while steaming and with its built-in fabric hanger, users find it easy to use.

The Pur Steam Elite

This unit comes with a 61-ounce tank and can be ready for use within 60 seconds. It also has an operational time that delivers up to 60-minutes of steaming with one fill. This is one steamer every laundry room needs as it is produced with a large cast aluminum heating mechanism that steams at 248-degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, it gets hot enough to ensure deep penetration into the fibers of clothes to remove wrinkles at a fast rate.

Beautural Handheld Model

This unit is a 1,200-wattage steamer that performs well even with less features than other larger units. It comes at an affordable rate and it is very portable making it ideal for those who may need to move around.

It comes with an 8.79-ounce liquid tank designed to get heated within 30 seconds. Once heated, it provides the user with a maximum of 15 minutes of continuous hot steam.

This unit is leak-proof so it doesn’t spill hot water while you are using it to steam fabrics.

Those are the few products we have listed here. There are of course others that you can find and check out for yourself.

For those who are still not sure why they should choose steamers over the tradition iron, you may want to find out why it is better than ironing in this article:

There’s no doubt that a garment steamer is one of the best laundry inventions we have today. When you get the exact type that suits your needs, it will serve the purpose efficiently and also ensure that you get maximum value for money spent on purchase.

This is a great addition to every household because it will keep your clothes in good condition. You should therefore take the time to ensure you choose the one that is just right for you. In addition, you can also consider conventional steam generator irons.

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