How to find Centripetal Force with Angular Velocity?

What is the Centripetal Force? Before understanding the concept of Centripetal Force, you must learn the concept of circular motion, For example, if a woman is running around a fixed point on a circular track then this woman is in a circular motion.

How to find Centripetal Force with Angular Velocity?

Similarly, if a motorbike is moving around a circular track in a circus or in a race  then the motorbike is in circular motion simply remember that if an object or anything moves in a circular track then the body will be in a circular motion.

Now let us consider that 

That mass M is attached to a string and the string is tied to a fixed-point O, let the mass M move in a circular path so it’s in a circular motion.

Now if at Point A the string breaks up then what will happen to the circular motion of the mass M?

From Point A as the string breaks up the mass M will no longer move in a circular path or motion rather than this.

The mass M will start moving in a straight path.

Thus, from this example, we learned it that if we want to keep a body or a mass in a circular motion we need strings.

So that the string must compel the mass M to move in a circular path.

If there is no string or if the body is no more attached to a string like it in Point A the mass M will move in a straight line

In physics, we explain this situation as the string exerts force in each and every point on the mass M towards the center.

Due to this force, the mass M is compelled to move in a circular motion onward from Point A the mass M breaks up from the string or the mass M doesn’t experience any force towards the center.

Hence the Mass M moves in a straight path, so if you want a body to move in circular motion we need to exert force on the body towards the center or we need a center seeking force,

In physics the center seeking force is the force that compel the body to move in a circular motion is known as Centripetal Force.

The supposing force that is equal and opposite of the centripetal force and drawing a rotating body or mass

 M away from the center of rotation that is caused by the inertia of the body or the mass M is said to be a Centripetal Force.

The properties of Centripetal Force

a) It’s always towards the center

b) It will compel anybody to move in a circular track or motion

The Centripetal Force is denoted by the Fc 

So this force of the string towards the center 0 is Fc or Centripetal Force.

Formula of Centripetal Force 

What is Angular Velocity?

It measures how fast or how slow a body is rotating or one can say how much angular displacement a body covers in per second?

Now for an example:

Let us consider in a circular motion let a body move from Point A to the Point B and covers a distance S =100m and time t =5sec on the circumference of a circle.

Let the radius of this circle r =2m here θ is the angular displacement so as we know the angular displacement is θ = S / r hence angular displacement is

θ = S / r (θ = 100/ 2) = 50radiance

Now if someone asks how fast or slow the body is rotating?

Then we will look at the angular velocity of the body which is

Ω is equal to change in angular displacement ∆θ divided by change in time ∆t

Now we know that the change in angular displacement ∆θ so the θ = 50 rad/sec

While the body moves from Point A to the Point B and time is t = 5sec hence,

Ω = ∆θ/∆t so Ω = 50/5 =10 rad/sec

Thus, the body is moving 10 radiance in per second

Remember that the SI unit of Angular Velocity is rad/sec or RPM degree/sec             

Properties of Angular Velocity

• Traditionally Angular Velocity is the velocity in a particular direction

• To know the direction of angular velocity we should know that the Angle of Velocity depends on angular displacement which is determined by the Right-hand rule

• To make it easier, let us say if a body or a mass is moving in a counter-clockwise rotation it indicates positive Angular Velocity, and if it’s rotating in counter-anticlockwise it indicates negative Angular Velocity.

• The Angular Velocity is denoted by Ω or ω.

Formula of Angular Velocity

Top 3 reasons why to use calculators?

We know that students must develop their calculation skills independently but these days in the technological era calculators have increasingly become an essential tool in our daily life, just make sure it’s used in an appropriate way.

For more complex operations we must try calculators

Calculators save precious time especially when you are writing in exams

Neutral to failure as far as you do the right exercise

It gives you the power to instantly detect the possible errors

Top 3 online Centripetal Force Calculators

Centripetal Force Calculators  by Meracalculator

It’s one of the top online calculators totally free of cost, no need to subscribe or register, very simple user interface just goes to the meracalculator it would show you down few blanks, So Let me show you few steps

How to use it? It will ask you 

1) What do you want to calculate?

a. Velocity

b. Radius

c. Mass

d. Centripetal Force

2) Type in the Mass (m) in kgs

3) Radius(r) in meters

4) Velocity(V) in meters/sec

5) There you go with the answer Centripetal Force  

Guess what this is just a tip of the ice in this calculator we can access a number of other operations related to Health, Finance, Chemistry, Physics, Graphics, Math, Relationship, Currency, Weather, etc.  

Artificial Gravity Calculator

Another great example of online calculators

It has got four parameters specifying for any two of them determines the value of the other two as well such as:

• Radius from the center of rotation

• Angular velocity or the spin rate

• Tangential velocity or the rim speed

• Centripetal acceleration or the gravity level

The best part is it also shows you the Colored LED in front of each parameter which indicates its value compares to the comfort zone for artificial gravity.

The user interface is pretty simple as far as you are looking for only this operation. 

Planet Calculator

This calculator follows the formula which relates to four parameters

It consists of four parameters

• What are you finding for?

• Mass

• Radius

• Speed/angular speed

Finally, it would show you the Force 

By using these calculators you would get the accurate answers instantly.    


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