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Is it time for your business to invest in new workwear? Employee uniforms are an inseparable aspect of every successful company, crucial for leaving a positive first impression to customers.

Choosing the right work apparel may prove to be an intricate process for business owners, considering the number of factors affecting the decision. The work environment, safety requirements, brand colors, fabric, and cost are essential when selecting the right kind of apparel. There are numerous custom uniform stores, like the Key Clothing Uniform store in Vancouver, providing modern, professional, and custom-made workwear for clients.

The following tips will help you pick the right type of work apparel.

Consider the job requirements

The primary consideration when choosing custom work apparel for your employees is the nature of the work environment. Apart from looking nice, workwear is supposed to be protective and comfortable for individuals to wear. Consequently, the choice of uniforms will depend on whether your employees work indoors or outdoors, as well as on the hazardous nature of the job.

For instance, industrial workwear predominantly consists of long pants and long-sleeve shirts, made from a highly durable but comfortable material. In contrast, automotive workers require coveralls, jackets, and T-shirts, made from flexible, stain-resistant materials. Construction workers need cotton shirts, jeans, and durable overalls in order to adapt to the changeable weather conditions.

Moreover, medical uniforms are supposed to be made from long-lasting, breathable materials that enable nurses and doctors to move freely while feeling comfortable. This workwear comes in the form of jackets, coats, surgical gowns, pants, and short-sleeved shirts. It’s paramount to choose a fabric that provides high resistance to stains.

Additionally, aviation uniforms should be customized attentively, as these enable passengers to identify flight attendants and pilots with ease. This apparel should look formal but feel comfortable, allowing you to select the colors that fit your brand. Depending on the job, you may need custom jeans for men.

Select the right colors

After deciding on a particular concept, you are expected to make the right choice of colors. It’s essential to match the colors of the custom uniform with your brand, as well as the overall color trends in the industry. In case you opt for a combination of tones, make sure the leading color of your brand dominates over the others.

In terms of tones, business owners are usually required to choose between dark and vibrant colors. The former are a more suitable choice for formal workwear, such as restaurant, office, or aviation uniforms. In contrast, the latter are believed to be more appropriate for casual environments. Nevertheless, bold workwear colors are considered more beneficial for brand promotion, as these are more appealing to the eye. You can click here to learn more about the psychology of color.

Consider safety

Another important factor to consider when choosing custom uniforms is the safety these pieces of clothing provide to workers. Although not all industries are obliged to abide by particular workwear safety regulations, many require individuals to wear protective work apparel. If your industry involves a particular level of risk, you need to match the custom uniforms to the safety standards.

For instance, make sure you choose fire-retardant workwear for chefs and kitchen personnel or protective footwear for construction workers. Besides substantially improving the level of safety, you’ll reduce the risk of earning a fine for not adhering to the law.

Pick the right fabric

Selecting the right kind of fabric is probably the most significant aspect when choosing work apparel. As previously mentioned, the fabric is supposed to match the work environment of your employees, as well as the scope of their job obligations. As a result, the environmental considerations will play a crucial role in the choice of material, thus imposing different fabric requirements for outdoor and indoor jobs.

In general, uniforms should be made from breathable, long-lasting, and highly washable materials. Conversely, industrial workwear requires the use of sturdy, reflective, or flame-retardant fabrics for maximal safety. Employees exposed to heat in the working process are supposed to wear apparel made from highly breathable fabrics, such as viscose/rayon and cotton. For guidance on the fiber properties, manufacturing, and sustainability of rayon, you can go to the following link,

Nylon, on the other hand, isn’t considered to be suitable material for any type of workwear. It provides no breathability, thus making wearers feel absolutely uncomfortable. Also, nylon is known to be incredibly difficult when it comes to washing and removing stains.

Consider some special requirements

One of the greatest benefits of opting for a custom uniform program is the ability to customize the workwear to fit your requirements. Besides the standard selection of short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts, T-shirts, pants, jeans, and jackets, manufacturers offer a myriad of other work apparel pieces.

For instance, you can order aprons, which are an excellent idea for employees working in restaurants and bars. The same goes for neckties and bow ties, which are also a nice addition to corporate apparel. Nowadays, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all businesses have included customized face masks as part of their uniforms.

In addition, some businesses include winter coats as part of their workwear, particularly the ones whose workers spend most of their working hours outside. You can even have socks, shoes, and caps customized to match your brand requirements.

Consider the cost

Purchasing workwear can be a considerable investment for some business owners, mainly depending on the number of employees. The overall cost will be most affected by the type of fabric, design, and functionality of the apparel. Consequently, the models made from protective materials tend to be pricier than those made from cotton, viscose, or nylon.

When it comes to safety uniforms, business owners are advised to never opt for cheaper models at the cost of compromising the safety of their workers. Always remember that your employees are supposed to feel comfortable, look professional, and be safe in their workwear.

The right workwear is made of comfortable material, looks stylish, and provides safety!

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