How To Create An Oasis Right In Your Bedroom

How To Create An Oasis Right In Your Bedroom

Let's face it. Your bedroom is a mess. You wake up every morning, barely making it out of the room without stubbing your toe on that randomly placed piece of furniture. Or maybe you make it home every night to that same pile of junk on your nightstand. Either way, it's time for a change.

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If you're getting frustrated with your dump of a bedroom, and you're on a budget, here are a few things you can do that could turn your junky sleep space into a soothing oasis without breaking the bank or you can get some ideas from Konservatory.

1. Get A Comfy Mattress

What kind of oasis would your bedroom be if you hardly even want to lie on the bed itself? If you wake up every morning with an aching back or a crook in your neck, chances are, you don't have the right mattress. You have to be picky when you go mattress shopping if you want a good night's rest. 

Find a mattress that suits your specific needs. If you suffer from arthritis, try buying a copper-infused memory foam mattress. According to, the copper can "reduce joint inflammation and help ease joint pain and stiffness." Copper-infused mattresses come with other reported health benefits as well.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture

Don't be afraid to move stuff around. A lot of times, discomfort comes from the inconvenient placement of your furniture. Give your bed some space. Don't limit the ways you can get in and out of bed by crowding it. You want this to be the one place where you can have space to just be lazy and comfortably lie around.

3. Invest in Nice Bedding

If you're in your bedroom right now, chances are, you're in your bed. Treat yourself by investing in nice bedding. Don't settle for uncomfortable sheets with low-quality fabric. Find yourself some fine cotton or linen bedding, and make sure you check the thread count. To spruce things up, try adding some extra pillows and a t shirt quilt size chartTake the time to customize your bed and view bedding sets. You spend a lot of time in it after all.

4. Incorporate Some Privacy

Your bedroom should be the most private room in the house, so make it feel that way. Perhaps try a nice canopy. It may seem a bit much at first, but it will surely add a feel of comfort and leisure. There are a large variety of styles to choose from and plenty of easy and affordable DIY tutorials out there to get you started. Maybe invest in some draperies if your budget loosens up a bit.

5. Sprinkle In Greenery

Floral accents are the best addition to just about any color scheme. Placing greenery here and there will not only improve your decor aesthetically, but it will also improve the air quality in your entire home. Try adding small garlands to your bed frame, or keep it simple by hanging air plants on an otherwise empty wall.

6. Play With Lighting

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If you are looking for that cozy feel, adjust your lighting to soften the decor. Stay away from harsh overhead lighting. Simply placing a lamp on each side of the bed would be a much better alternative. Maybe even try adding string lights to your bed frame or canopy. There are hundreds of different ways to customize the lighting in your room, so have fun with it!

7. Add Your Favorite Aroma Candles

There's nothing more soothing than walking into a room that smells good. Studies prove that adding a pleasing scent to your space can enhance focus, ease anxiety, and add a sense of comfort. But aroma candles are more than their medicinal properties. Use them to give your room that extra touch of personality. Be creative with how you use them to suit different specific moods.

8. Keep Your Nightstand Tidy

No one wants to see a pile of old papers, candy wraps, and coins taking away from the beauty of your bedroom space. Just put it away in a drawer. On that note, make sure your nightstand even has drawers. 

They are a great way to hide your clutter. If they're already full, invest in small shelves to hang somewhere near the doorway to provide a different flat surface that will accumulate small clutter and still not ruin the calming environment.

9. Hide Your Cords And Electronics

If you're tired of seeing wires stretching across the room due to the inconvenient placement of your outlets, there are a few different ways you could hide your wires or electronics in plain sight using wall hooks, clips, and covers. 

Stop letting your router distract from the aesthetic. Simply place it into a stylish basket or other container that fits the look of the room. Be creative when hiding your wires. You could end up turning them into an improvement to your decor.

10. Treat Your Windows

Do not forget the windows. If it is an oasis you want, make sure there is a certain level of intimacy and privacy. An easy way to dress your windows with a designer look is by layering it all. Try adding some window scarves over your blinds and sheers to add that luxurious feel you would want in your bedroom.

11. Layer Your Rugs

Don't be afraid to add layers to your floor, especially in your bedroom, to add an even cozier. Add a large rug underneath your bed. And a simple way to build off of this is by adding a smaller and a softer one beside the bed where you would usually first step foot in the morning. There are tons of ways to use rugs to highlight certain spots in your bedroom. Even placing a hide rug is a fun way to spice things up and personalize your room.

12. Mix Patterns

Take into consideration the specific look you want and use a few different patterns to achieve that look. For example, if you want that eccentric vibe, place an animal hides on the floor, or hang them on the walls. Polka dots and stripes would be perfect to incorporate on your pillow designs. Keep it simple, and have fun with it.

Once you've incorporated these tips, you should walk into your room feeling a surge of relief and relaxation. Hopefully, you now have yourself a private sanctuary in your own home.

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