The Different Types of RVs to Purchase

The Different Types of RVs to Purchase 

There are many great reasons to love RVs and hybrid campers. However, choosing an RV that suits your needs can get confusing. So ift's very important to find the best prices. Whether you are looking to purchase a new camper or you just want to take RVing to the next level, doing your research is a good place to start. A recreational vehicle has many different types that making the right choice can become difficult.

The Different Types of RVs to Purchase 

You need to understand how each type works so you can make an informed buying decision. A lot of people jumped into buying an RV without giving a few aspects of RVing a deep thought. This is why you need to know the features and benefits of each RV type.

Class A RV

This type of RV measures 26 to 45 feet. They are known to be the biggest RV on the road. It weighs 13,000 to 30,000 pounds. This motorized Everett RV aside from providing comfort also offers all the bells and whistles. Class A RVs are like your home away from home. It is equipped with top amenities like washer and dryers, king-size beds, mobile garages and many more. You also have ample space when you choose Class A RV.

Going on a luxurious RV camping is also possible when you have a Class A RV. Another benefit that you get from this type of RV is that you will have the ability to tow a car behind it. However, you need to have enough budget for buying this type of RV as it can be quite expensive. Due to its size, the place where you can travel is also limited.

Class C RV

If you are not a fan of Class A RV, you can consider the mid-size RV or the Class C RV. It measures 20 to 30 feet and weighs 10,000 to 13,000 pounds. It may not be as big as Class A RV but it has the amenities you need to make RV camping as comfortable as possible. It consists of a separate bathroom area and sleeping quarters. For people who want to consider a smaller RV that is less expensive than Class A RV, this is the best option to explore. However, you should also keep in mind that Class C RVs cannot tow another vehicle because they are not big enough.

Class B RV

This type of RV weighs 4,000 to 9,000 pounds and measures 17 to 23 feet. This is often referred to as camper vans and it is also a mid-size option just like Class C RV. While it is much smaller than Class A RVs, it can still accommodate up to 6 people. 

It is also equipped with a bathroom, dining area, and storage space. Unlike Class A and Class C RVs, the Class B RV does not have enough to offer when it comes to the amenities. The best thing about this type of RV is that it can fit in many camping spots. It is also easy to drive.

Travel Trailer

The travel trailer measures 10 to 40 feet and weighs 1,100 to 12,000 pounds. A travel trailer can either be lightweight or heavy depending on the size you prefer. You can pull the smallest travel trailers using a small SUV. Others which are much bigger will require a large truck. This type of RV is ideal for campers who want to unhitch and store a camper easily if it is not in use. There are many types of travel trailers available for everyone. It is a diverse option that does not sacrifice comfort.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are perfect for those who prefer a spacious and roomy camper. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and floorplans depending on your preferences. It also offers a lot of storage space. Some fifth wheels also have outdoor televisions and outdoor kitchens. There are also fifth wheels which are equipped with side patios. You have an option to leave the set up on the campsite while you explore your truck.

One disadvantage of owning fifth wheels is its size. Due to the size, there is also a limited campground choice. Its hitch mount also deters you from carrying a lot in your bed. You will also incur storage fees unless you own the property. Some fifth wheels do not have a generator. Speak with Dallas RV dealer to find out the best option for your needs.

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