Things You Need to Know about Storing Water

Things You Need to Know about Storing Water

Water is another name of life, and without it, no living thing can sustain on this earth. As you know that for so many years water crisis has become a huge issue in so many countries, thus counting on it, everyone deserves to have pure water for their household usage and it is also required in industries as well. Certainly, there is a squalor of pure water everywhere, but that can always be solved with a water purifier AMC.

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Storing pure water for drinking and for other uses is always important, but not many people are aware of the effects this can cause, like bad tasting water or contamination. There are various methods in which way more and more water can be stored for public and personal usage as well. You can get more information at

Plastic containers

There are small to big plastic containers available in the market, you can make use of the same. Also, you can have some spare plastic containers at your place, you just have to clean them properly and store water in them. If you have bought the same from the market, clean them as well and then fill them with water. You can always store excess water that is not drinkable in plastic jars.

Glass containers

Store excess water in glass containers as these are regarded as a safe place for it. You can have several glass containers at your house or in office and store drinking water in them. There are fewer chances of the bottle or its content get polluted and you can always have safe drinking water at the same time.

Large water tanks

If you are looking for 24/7 water supply in your home or in your office, you can make use of the big water tank in your house. These containers will store a huge amount of water and you can even store rainwater in it as well. The rainwater can be purified by a good water purifier in your home all the time.

Stainless steel jars

Stainless steel doesn’t catch rust, thus, it is another container where you can store water. However, take care of the type of water you are storing in it. If you are storing tap water you must know this consists of chlorine and the very thing can create corrosion inside the stainless steel container. Also, these containers become heavy to carry around as well.


Although, wells are old methods of water-storing wells do give a good source of drinkable water. However, sometimes well water also gets poisoned, but that happens when the water reservoir isn’t cleaned timely.

Backyard pool

If you have a backyard pool in your house make use of it wisely. Store water in there and even if you have to clean the water from it you can store the extracted water and recycle them for so many usages all the time.

Store-bought water bottles

If you are traveling or in need of extra purified water, you can always have some store-bought water bottles in your home or carry some with you.

The mistakes of storing water

• The water can be clear but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for drinking. The harmful parasites and contamination, are most of the time have no color. That doesn’t mean you have to drink that water.

• Water does not have an expiration date but it doesn’t mean that you can rely on the same water stored in the same container forever not even if it stored in proper conditions.

• Water can save your life, but if you do the storing in a wrong way, it can always harm your health, and there are chances you might get affected by a life-taking disease.

The things should be avoided

• You must avoid storing water in anything besides food-grade containers.

• Although hardware store buckets are cheap, they are also nearly indestructible, and you can buy lids for them, but you shouldn’t store water in them. You have to avoid storing water in anything not made for holding food or water.

The sign of food-grade containers

1. Plastics ranging from 1, 2, 4, 7 are the ones used for food-grade containers. You can find this very number in the little triangular recycle symbol on the bottom.

2. Look for the recycle Symbols on the containers

3. Then on the bottom of the containers, you will get to see a symbol indicating the container safe to freeze or store in a pantry.

4. The food-grade container indicates on the package when you buy it, “Pantry Safe, freezer, refrigerator.” to inform that you can put food and water in there.

• You must not store water in food-grade containers that have previously has been the storage for other items. This can be, milk, soda bottles, chemicals, or oil. Even if you rinse it with water, it will not become proper for water storage.

• Refrain from storing water in cardboard containers. It might seem obvious but, it should not be used for a long-term purpose.

• Avoid storing water in metallic containers that aren’t made of stainless steel. If it isn’t this material, it will certainly corrode, and water will turn bad, fast. Also, you will not want too much iron in the drinking water of yours.

• Must not try to store water in something which has no option for sealing. However, there are some rare exceptions, but storing open water is a bad idea because it’s open to contamination. Harmful particles from the air, animals, and insects can fall into your water. Bird poop in your survival water is no good for your health.

• You must not store it in anything which has the chance of becoming contaminated. If you are facing any kind of doubt that the container could be compromised, you must avoid storing water in that vessel.

• Keep the water away from the direct sunlight and from its heat. You should have a shade which can control the temperature. You can keep the storages in the basements, windowless pantries, temperature-controlled garages or underground cellars are perfect places for it.

The effect of sunlight, heat, and temperature changes are hard on everything. These very things are highly harmful to water storage and it leads to faster spoilage.

So now you know the ways you can store water in the easy ways, and the things you must avoid while storing the same. This will save much water and you will be able to use safe water as always.

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