The Ultimate Guide to Solo Travelling in Nepal

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Travelling in Nepal

Heaven is a Myth, Nepal is Real. Blessed with vast natural beauty, trekking in Nepal can be a unique experience for many people. You can have the best time travelling and exploring the diverse combination of adventures in Nepal. Many trekkers trek alone as they say that solo travelling is one of the best forms of trekking that gives you more relief than anything in the world. But the question still comes? How to travel solo in Nepal? Is it even safe? 

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The answer is yes. Travelling solo in Nepal is safe and inspiring. You can explore any place without any types of hesitations as the country is very open to all cultures and safer for both male and female travelers.

Despite having the safest and secure atmosphere, it is always important to do some research and arm yourself with the essential resources while travelling in Nepal.

Even if you are travelling alone, it is advisable to have a guide from a trusted travel agency as it reduces the threats of scam artist and thieves targeting travels. 

Things to do while travelling solo in Nepal:  
• Accommodation:

Nepal has got a wide range of accommodation suitable for peoples with all budgets. It is best to hire a local guide from the right travel agent for more comfortable and reliable experiences.

If you are planning to take the routes to mountain ranges like Everest base Camp, Annapurna region trek, Langtang trek, Mardi Himal trek it is best to have a travel agency have your back. Nevertheless, it is also best advisable to book hotels at guesthouses that are of mid to higher level in terms of guest-star-ratings.

 Transportation in Nepal

With diversified Nepal’s geography, the roads of the highways are narrow.  The travelling from one destination to the another might be a bit jarring so it is advisable to take the flights for avoiding the wariness of a long bus ride if travelling g outside the valley.

If you are travelling inside the valley, you can quickly discover the little White Cabs.  Try not to fall for expensive deals and pay the sensible cost as the taxi drivers may generally wind up to exploit you. You can also choose the public for transportation.

• Put on suitable clothes

Nepal is very safe for male travelling. Despite having a political vulnerability, the people residing and the way of living in very inviting and pleasing. You will discover the people pleasant and will make a special effort to offer assistance.

As the women play a critical role in the Nepalese society, people are mostly respectful and protective for the women solo travelers. It is prescribed to conceal a bit – revealing clothing might garner you the attention of an unwanted nature.  Wear normal clothing, or if you want to be bit outgoing, try out the “Sari” and “kurta Surwal.”

• Learn the cultural customs and norms

Nepal is a deeply spiritual country. Here the religious devotion weaves through many aspects of daily. With this dressing modestly and knowing what’s acceptable when visiting the holy sites is very crucial. Travelling solo, you may feel the sharper pang of guilt if you unknowingly offend anyone. Ask a local for the relevant advice while exploring the region of Nepal.

• Use daytime for most of your work

As the population works in the day time, it is suggested to get the good sense of your surroundings, observe dinners and restaurants and to find accessible routes back to your accommodation in the daylight hours.
Nepal is a beautiful country that welcomes all of its visitors with friendliness. If you follow some necessary precautions and use sensibility while travelling in Nepal, then the solo trekking in Nepal could be the best pilgrimage experience of your lifetime.

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Aksharika is an avid traveler who loves to travel and explore new places in Nepal. She also works as a trekking guide for Green Society Adventure, and you can follow her adventures on her blog.

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