Need an Office? 3 Options for Startup Company

Need an Office? 3 Options for Startup Company

For most businesses, finding the best office space to operate from can be quite a big challenge. Essentially, each business person wants to have an office in a business-conducive environment, for instance, the CBD. However, it is exponentially tougher for young and growing companies to secure offices, especially in financial district areas. Established companies can rent office spaces and abide by the long lease-terms. But, what is in store for a startup company like yours bearing in mind the qualms of renting an office at this stage? 

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Luckily, many options are available to young entrepreneurs like you. Consider the three options elucidated below if you want an office for your startup company.

Home offices

Home offices are the cheapest of all the office options for startups. Many big businesses that you see today, having headquarters in the major cities started operating from home. You can invest in a few office equipments and set them in your house and start operating from there. 

Technology has advanced and not much contact is needed between you and your clients. All you need is a computer and a strong internet connection. You can also hire virtual workers who will also work from their homes to reduce operation costs and optimize profits for reinvestment.

Also, it depends on the nature of your business. However, setting your first office at home comes with some disadvantages, although it is cheaper and more convenient. It will limit your growth because you will not experience the real corporate world. 

Also, you will miss out opportunities like networking. Additionally, at home, there are many distractions and that may affect your performance. However, a home office is the most ideal option before switching to a real office space.

Coworking office spaces

For a startup company like yours, you need to go for this option. It offers so much at an affordable price. Co-working spaces have made it easier for budding entrepreneurs to have a professional space where they do their operations and network with other like-minded business people. In these offices, everything is always readily set and all you need is your computer and other essential documents. 

Such facilities have flexible membership plans, reliable security, ergonomic office furniture, and a healthy working atmosphere. An ideal coworking office space has properly set conference rooms, various amenities and break areas. Also, in such offices, you will be able to meet and partner with other brilliant business people and scale your ventures to a whole new level. Essentially, this is the best place to begin as a startup company.

Shared office spaces

Shared office spaces are very uncommon options for office users. However, they are way much better than incubators and executive suites. This office option allows you to use available space in an existing business’ office space. 

It allows you a growing business person to have first-hand experience of those that have made it in various niches. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are creating open marketplaces that help to connect companies that have extra space to young businesses that need space.

In conclusion, the best way to choose an office space that will meet your company needs is by considering your business needs, goals and your budget.

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