Why you Need to Get Yourself a Pair of Pool Shoes

Why You Need to Get Yourself a Pair of Pool Shoes

The average person that’s worried about public swimming pools is thinking about the chlorinated water getting contaminated with urine, blood and germs. What they’re not paying attention to is the deck. The public pool’s deck can be a major source of infection.

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Why is the public pool disgusting?

First of all, tons of people walk around the public pool barefoot, effectively spreading and catching contagious bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The more visitors that come through the area, the higher the likelihood of foot infections.

A public pool is a perfect spot for bacteria and fungi to thrive and spread because of these things love warm, moist environments.

Plantar warts

One of the infections that you can catch from the pool deck is a plantar wart — this is a pebble-like wart that grows on the bottom of the foot. The wart can be painful because of its position. It’s difficult to walk or stand without putting pressure on it.

People living with diabetes or compromised immune systems shouldn’t try to remove the wart on their own. They should see professionals like the licensed chiropodists at Feet First Clinic to assess the plantar wart and strategize a safe and effective treatment plan. If the wart goes unchecked, the infection could get worse and invite other medical complications.

Athlete’s foot

You’ve probably heard about this before. The fungal infection commonly known as athlete’s foot results in an itchy or burning rash on the bottom of your foot and sometimes between the toes. You can treat the infection with an over-the-counter cream or spray. If the rash is severe, a doctor will prescribe you with medication to resolve the problem.

Toenail fungus

You can also get toenail fungus from walking barefoot around the pool. The first sign of the infection is a changing nail color, usually white or yellow. If you don’t see a medical professional for a treatment plan, the condition can get painful.

A fungal nail infection can be contracted by a case of athlete’s foot that spreads from the sole to the toenails, meaning you can get two frustrating foot problems at the same time.

How do you protect your feet from infection at the pool?

• Stop walking barefoot around the public pool deck, locker rooms and shower area.

• Get yourself some pool shoes. Bring them with you every time you go to the public pool. Wear them on deck, in the locker room and the showers.

• Cover up any cuts on the bottom of your foot, which make you vulnerable to viral contraction.

• Wash your feet with soap and water, and then dry them with a towel before putting on your outdoor shoes.

• Wash your pool shoes after every use with water and dry them.

If you happen to have an infection like toenail fungus, athlete’s foot or plantar warts, you should skip the public pool until it’s completely healed. You don’t want to pass it on to anyone else. Don’t worry. You’ll get back to swimming laps in no time.

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