What is Draught Beer?

What is Draught Beer?
You go home after a long day at work in the scorching heat, exhausted and worn out, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Beer is probably a good answer, and it’s your lord savior after such a long day at the office. Sure, a coke is nice, but beer just washes the pain and exhaustion away as you slowly sip that golden foamy nectar. It’s a drink worthy of your affection, and that beer belly is an unfortunate side effect that beer aficionados gladly accept.

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What is Draught Beer?
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Yet, what if you were told there’s something sweeter and more delicious than your traditional beer, the one you’re so accustomed to drinking? If you’re not already acquainted with it, here’s draught beer. 

What is draught beer?

The beer you usually, drink probably comes out of bottles or cans, and while it is savory and aesthetically pleasing to look at, there is a better option out there. Draught beer is stored in kegs and served directly from the tap, which can be pressurized or pumped by hand. 

This kind of beer is the perfect way to showcase the mastery of the art of brewing because it’s not just wine that takes skill and refinement to be made. Beer can require as much skill and knowledge to be brewed.

What is the difference between draught and normal beer?

Generally speaking, draught beer is considered to be of higher quality than the traditional option, and that is not without logical reasoning. The keg storing the drink blocks and prevent the sunlight from entering into the container, unlike bottles or cans, in turn preventing degradation by light. 

Another point you need to consider when you ask the question, “is draught beer better than bottled beer?”, is the fact that the keg prevents oxygen from seeping into the beverage, which keeps the beer fresher for longer periods of time. On the other hand, draught beer is consumed at a much faster rate than the ordinary one, which means it stays in storage for shorter periods of time and is thus kept fresh.


Storing beer in general is an art form of its own. In other words, you don’t get a warehouse keeper and tell them to store beer. It has to be done properly and according to scientific knowledge, because light and oxygen are sworn enemies of beer, and if it’s exposed to either, it loses some of its taste. 

Draught beer is stored in normal casks and isn’t served cold or anything; it has to be stored and served at cellar temperature. Serve it too cold and it’ll taste different and will lose some of its value. Serve it too warm and it’ll look, smell, and taste a lot differently, and you definitely won’t like what you get.

Keg beer versus draught beer

Yes, there’s a difference between the two. Keg beer goes through filtering and pasteurization, which seldom happens with draught beer. It’s then stored in stainless steel containers, which makes its storage and transport easier. For many, cask beer is always better and tastes much better than keg, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s easier to deal with keg beer than the draught.

In either case, there’s no question both easily top bottled beer due to the aforementioned factors. People underestimate things like storage, processing, and dispensing mechanism of the beer, but they make a lot of difference in the taste and it’s what beer enthusiasts know so well. 

Storing the beer in a keg or cask and then serving it is pretty much how it was supposed to be had, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll get the perfect taste. A variety of factors play into it. If you store, serve, or move it the wrong way, it won’t taste as good as it should and you’ll still be left underwhelmed. So always look for professionals to handle that part, because with beer, the slightest details matter.

Savor the process

You’ll find that oenophiles take great care in how they taste and sample wines, going great lengths to perfect storage and serving techniques. Beer is much like wine in that sense; only most people fail to see that angle. You find most slurping the drink without savoring it the least bit or considering the kind of the beverage they’re drinking. If you're curious about learning from the professionals, something that has gained popularity as of recent is virtual beer tasting team building, something that a group of you and your friends or associates can enjoy together.

You don’t need to analyze the beer to enjoy it, but it sure does give it a whole new dimension and depth that can allow you to enjoy your favorite drink while actually coming to appreciate how it was made. Many people have never tried draught beer, and if you happen to be one of those, you should find the nearest bar serving it and go sample some. You’ll find a new appreciation for beer, that’s for sure.

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