Kedah Fashion Week 4.0 2019 is Back!

Kedah Fashion Week 4.0 2019 is Back! 

Hey! What are you doing this coming weekend? Well, I’m excited to head up to North Peninsula Malaysia, Alor Setar for Kedah Fashion Week 4.0 2019 with bigger, better, and bolder statement happening at Aman Central Mall, located right in the bustling district of Alor Setar. Highlighting the diverse and innovative fashion industry in South East Asia, this year’s Kedah Fashion Week will feature 18 renowned designers and 26 runway shows. Let’s check out the show rundown, the designers and more!

Kedah Fashion Week, KFW2019, Kedah, Alor Star, Fashion Week, Fashion
Kedah Fashion Week 4.0 2019 is Back! 

Well, I was at Kedah Fashion Week 2018, I had a great time and experience so this year I decided go again. It’s an annual city-wide celebration of fashion, trend and couture, a state level fashion runway held in Aman Central since 2016 is back with the theme ‘4.0’ which defines this year’s runway.

Kedah Fashion Week, KFW2019, Kedah, Alor Star, Fashion Week, Fashion
Kedah Fashion Week 4.0 2019 Press Conference
Themed 4.0 this year, to promote fresh, chic, unique and contemporary collections. The line-up for the official tenants include Studio, SWATCH, ICAHFA, Siti Khadijah, Rina Salleh, Carlo Rino, & Cosas United. Combining trends with faith and modesty and stunning couture creations, this fashion week is the perfect mixture for everyone in their own niche. From international-based footwear, to  modest wear, and for the first time ever, a night dedicated to men - “Men’s Night Out”.

Kedah Fashion Week, KFW2019, Kedah, Alor Star, Fashion Week, Fashion
Kedah Fashion Week 4.0 2019 Sponsors

To recognize this year as the 4th year of this highly celebrated event, Aman Central is excited to be presenting three awards; (1) Best Fashion Presentation Award , (2) Best Fashion Collection Award , and (3) Designer of The Year Award for the designers showcasing in KFW which will be judged by a special guest designer Calvin Thoo. Winners will receive special recognition and bring home an exclusive BMW x KFW limited edition trophy.

Performances will be made by award winning singer Hafiz Suip to serenade guests on the KFW 4.0 Gala Night; rising artist Andi Bernadee and special appearance of award winning singer Ara Johari on the Men’s Night Out; and Best Vocalist of Anugerah Juara Lagu-32 (AJL), Ernie Zakri on the grand finalé night.

Kedah Fashion Week, KFW2019, Kedah, Alor Star, Fashion Week, Fashion
Kedah Fashion Week 4.0 2019 Show Line-Up

For an exciting and glamorous weekend, come witness the artistry of our local and international talents:

Day 1 - KFW 4.0 Gala Night

- Yadanar Naing Win (Myanmar): 22 year old, Yadanar Naing Win who hails from Yangon, Myanmar - just recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fashion Design at Raffles International College, Bangkok and owns boutique Four Degree Studios. She believes her brand represents her as a designer in ways stay very true to her likings.

- Naem Azmer Zamre: known for his non-stop requests by fans for made to measure, beespoke and bridal, Naem is known for his brand Naemzamre. He has dressed plenty of celebrities including Erra Fazira, Zahirah Mc Wilson and Nabila Razali to name a few.

- Ikmal Mukmin (known for Gen’s Great Idea): Despite graduating in the IT field, Ikmal Mukmin Junos’ unwavering passion in fashion led him to become a renowned designer for many famous Malaysian royalties and celebrities’ weddings including Diana Danielle & Farid Kamil, Yana Samsudin, Fad Bocey and Ezad Lazim.

- Hasif Afiq & Muhammad Hafiz: Alluringly crafted designs, infused high fashion with exclusive aesthetics, that’s what labels the house of HasifHafiz Boutique - an established boutique by young fashionpreneurs Hasif & Hafiz. With Hafiz’s creative talent with his magic hand and innovative approach to fashion, coupled with Hasif’s business and design strategic, they proved to be a winning combination. Their signature silhouettes are timeless and chic, coveted and unreplicable.

- Hariz Zakwan: Started off as a small trade business, founder of AINAHARIZ KL, Hariz Zakwan, who has a background in Interior Architecture, stepped out from his comfort zone to challenge himself into something he has been longing before – to design. Expect authenticity, charisma & effortless style in all his collections.

- Syafieq Ayman: "Statement & Elegance" are the two key elements in creating Syafieq Ayman Signature’s made-to-measure and custom attire. With passion, love, dedication and commitment, he fell into the world of fashion design. He has designed for many well known artists such as Datuk Ramli M.S., Dato 'Siti Nurhaliza, Erra Fazira, Ziana Zain, Rozita Che Wan to name a few and His Majesty the Queen of Selangor, Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin.

Day 2 - Men’s Night Out

- Rizal Latif: With 18 years’ experience, Rizal Latif learned in depth to the growth of readyto-wear retail business, and what men in Malaysia need in their wardrobe, thus establishing RL Menswear. Today RL materializes his dreams by serving not only as a tailor, but as a designer and an image consultant.

- Vin H’ng: Designer, artist and singer Vin H’ng from Penang is known for his unconventional approach for costume design. K Design Collections offers unique styles that use out of the box materials, fabrics and accessories but match up to be fashionable, elegant and chic.

- Hafiz Carson: Born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak, he discovered his passion for fashion while being on the move as a steward. Carson Kuala Lumpur, his renowned product fusions the perfect amount of modern and tradition.

- Taufik Idros: recognized for Taufik Idros Creation, the engineer cum fashion designer specializes in custom made attire for both men & women, tailoring for wedding dresses, beadings and embellishments. Many celebrities have donned his custom made attire including Sufie Rashid, Haziq Hot FM and Zamani Slam for Gegar Vaganza tp name a few.

- Norman Naim: Originally coming from an agriculture and agro-based background, Norman Azman Naim realized his passion for fashion and design in 2008 when Norman Naim Couture was established – specializing in designing the most important day in a woman’s life – the wedding gown for her wedding day. He also establishes classic looks which focuses on culture motifs, whereby beautiful songket fabric is used for most of his designs.

- Alfian Rahmat: Renowned for his reputation as a menswear designer, Alfian graduated from Manipal International University (2013) and furthered his passion for fashion in SML Fashion Academy, Mens Tailoring (2015). He is a member of Asian Designers Guild and established his brand Alfian & De Suits in 2015.

Day 3 - KFW 4.0 Finale Night

- Amar Madfie & Zeed Jamel: The designer duo graduated from UiTM Shah Alam and established their brand Amazé, a combination of their names, which signifies feminine and elegance. Their biggest exposure in 2018 was in AJL-32 when Ernie Zakri donned Amazé bespoke ball gown for her performance in Aku Cinta, duet number with Syamel.

- Salleh Hamid: Known for his collection of "The Curses of the Creature", which was introduced in 2011, at Malaysia International Fashion Week (MIFW) at Zebra Square. This brand was officially labeled in 2012 by Salleh himself and Aristo. Salleh Hamid likes to share his ideas and art of fairytale which is translated into fashion, offering many fashion styles including costume design, wedding dresses, cocktail and ready to wear (RTW).

- Hazzerwan Hazzlee & Maryam Musa: The duo designer, Wan & Mary is based in Kuala Lumpur, founded by Hazzerwan Hazzlee and Maryam Musa in early year of 2018. Known for winning the fashion reality TV show called Gen.F (Generasi Fesyen) at Astro Ria in May 2018, they have ever since been known to dress many VVIPs & celebrities.

- Wan & Mary’s: The brand concept is a fusion of avant garde fashion meets sporty luxury street style which creates a uniqueness in cutting and materials choosing for every design and collection. Their brand concept is a fusion of avant garde fashion meets sporty luxury street style.

- Mirol Jonit: Known for his made to measure designs especially for brides with his boutique MODE, Mirol Jonit, has also dressed many Malaysian celebrities including Ziana Zain, Liza Hanim, Ayda Jebat and Janna Nick to name a few. His passion for designing has even inspired him to educate those keen to explore in the field with sewing classes as he believes, creativity is limitless and emotions can be converted to art.

- Hasfitri Yusof: Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, an active member of MATRADE and Bumiputra’s Designer Association, Hasfitri is a fabulous couturier known for his bespoke creation varying from Islamic fashion to dazzling dinner wear to silky batik.
- Irie Mohamad & Jimiey Whang: Better known as the Malaysian demi-couture duo ‘SETH&LUNA’, they embrace the idea of a modern, bold and statement making fashion. They won second place for reality TV-contest, Gen F and came as winner for Best Fashion Presentation at KFW 2018 last year.

Highlight of Programs:-

Friday, 5th July

STUDIO will take the lead to showcase trainers, apparels and accessories from prominent brands followed by Swatch with its variety of contemporary watches. The opening night will be all glitz and glamor where exclusive collections from international designer Yadanar (Four Degree Studio), and renowned Malaysian designers Naemzamre, Gen’s Great Idea, Hasif Hafiz, AinaHarizKL, and Syafieq Ayman Signature will rock the runway. Come and get serenaded by award-winning singer, Hafiz Suip’s musical performance.

Saturday, 6th July

The fashion parade will be kicked off by ICAHFA with its classic and elegant designs, followed by Siti Khadijah and Rinah Salleh’s modest wear. For the men out there, get mesmerized by the ‘Mens Wear’ handcrafted by local designers’ designs from RL Menswear, K Design Collection, Carson KL, Taufik Idros Creation, Norman Naim Couture, Alfian & De Suits. Get blown away by special appearance and performance by Andi Bernadee, and meet the award winning singer Ara Johari as one of the guests.

Sunday, 7th July

Taking central stage to showcase their latest designs will be by Cosas United which will ensure you travel with style and comfort. On the night of the grand finale, get mesmerized by the meticulous designs of our renowned local designers’ brand, Amazé, Salleh Hamid, Wan & Mary, MODE, Hasfitri Yusof and Seth&Luna. Enjoy the finale of the fashion show with an exclusive performance by Ernie Zakri, Best Vocalist of Anugerah Juara Lagu 32.

Take advantage of this fashion week by enjoying Grab promo code to check out the latest trends in the fashion scene by using promo code: grabkfw2019 (promo is valid to/from Aman Central. RM 4 off x1 ride is limited to 2 (TWO) redemptions per user throughout the campaign. Campaign is valid from 5 - 8 July 2019 only.)

An ongoing OOTD contest #KFW2019CONTEST - in conjunction of fashion week, is offering shoppers and OOTD enthusiast the chance win Pandora gift card worth RM100! Just give your best pose at the KFW photo booth and hashtag the following #KFW2019CONTEST #KFW2019 #ACFASHIONWEEK and upload to your IG to be one of the lucky winners. Also, 10 lucky invited guests of the event will also get to bring home a Pandora gift card every night.

The generosity and commitment of our sponsors and partnership is more vital than ever. Please help us by acknowledging their support for Kedah Fashion Week 2019: BMW (Lee Motors), Star City, Grab, Sense3, Peak Fitness, Barbara Flower Shop, Bronis, Lyfe and Muas Mo.

Stay tuned for all the latest and exclusive updates only on IG @amancentral #KFW2019 #ACfashionweek #amancentral

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