5 Ways To Create Personalized Wedding Invitation Cards Online

5 Ways To Create Personalized Wedding Invitation Cards Online

1. Design
When creating your wedding invitation cards the design is vital as it sets the tone of the wedding. The design is the backbone of how the resulting invitation card will look like, and thus a lot of effort should be put into it. The design should begin early, to give space for experimentation. 

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Before designing, you should decide what dimensions you want on your invitation cards. Also add some few touches to accentuate the card, like incorporating embossing, debossing or letterpress. This will add texture to the card in addition to the other design elements in the card. These textures will give the cards some edge when they are handled by hand by the recipients of the invitation.

2. Typography
Another thing that is very crucial in the design of a wedding invitation is the typography. The type of font used in putting down the message matters a lot, as it may convey different emotions to the recipient of the wedding. Therefore, to be safe, it is important to source for high-quality fonts, over the commonly used ones, which will help give your invitation card some artistic design while maintaining the right message intended for the recipient. 

If not, it is safe to stick to the classic fonts, those that everyone is conversant with, which will ensure that you do not mess up the design. Also, try to keep the number of fonts used in typography at a minimum to create uniformity.

3. Color
When designing your personalized wedding card, look out for the color scheme you intend to use. You need to completely understand color theory, which is an important aspect of design that defines how different colors interact together to create a specific emotion in a given composition. 

You need to understand that being a wedding invitation the color palette should be more subdued so that you do not pick shouting colors that do not fit the intentions of the invitation card. Keep it consistent throughout the design and the results should be rewarding.

4. Templates
If you are not an expert at design, worry not. Many sites offer numerous templates for the creation of invitation cards which you can use to create yours. These templates can be easily customized or edited, enabling you to create your wedding invitation card without going through the hustle of starting from scratch. With templates, you will just need to change the text and maybe make a few changes on the font, but the overall design and color are already done for you.

5. Images
If there is one thing that makes a personalized card personal, is through the incorporation of an image or images of the people sending the invite, or one which corresponds with the type of event the recipient is being invited to. 

Images just on their own make a huge impact on the final outlook of the invitation cards, and coupled with the rest of the outlined necessities, the invitation card itself is guaranteed to warm and capture the attention of the recipients, increasing their chances of coming to your wedding.

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