Top 10 Powerful Luxury French Skincare Brands

Top 10 Powerful Luxury French Skincare Brands 

France is recognized globally for various things. One of these attractions is the French skincare brands. For a majority of people touring France, they plan to spend on French cosmetics as it is believed that they have the best beauty products. In this article, we talk about the top 10 French skincare brands you need to know about. Keep reading to find out the brands you to watch for when you next plan to shop for your skincare products.

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1. Alban Muller

This is a worlds renowned brand that was first opened in 1978 in Fontenay-Sur Eure. Alban Muller prides herself as the expert in manufacturing of plant extracts and natural cosmetics. 

The company has a passion for the natural cosmetic industry and has been a leader in the high-performance extracts manufacturing creating the best skincare products sold in French pharmacies. Alban Muller manufacturers various products, that include, the active ingredients, formulation ingredients, and French cosmetic products. 

2. Nuxe

Located in Paris, Nuxe is one of France`s best-loved beauty product brands. Currently, Nuxe has its footprints in over 70 countries worldwide. The company has invested in a state of the art research laboratory in France where all the companies experts create effective skin care products. 

Creating ultra sensorial face and body beauty products, Nuxe has continued to experience growth since it was first launched in 1991. Nuxe engages unique expertise in the manufacturing of their outstanding products.

3. Filorga

With its head office in Paris France, Filorga is the first aesthetic medicine lab in France. The company is widely known for the pharmaceutical injectable products used by the leading medical specialist across the globe. The company also manufactures a wide range of anti-aging beauty products for mature skin. 

The company has for many years continued to manufacture dermatologist injectables focused on skin restoration, clearing skin spots, and clearing the wrinkles. The company focuses on combining the optimal and clinically proven ingredients to manufacture effective French cosmetics.

4. Patyka

Headquartered in Paris France, Patyka is probably one of the oldest leading French skincare brands. The company specializes in the manufacturing of plant-based oils that are loved by French women. 

The brand is a pioneer in creating premium skincare products used across the globe. The award-winning French beauty products manufacturer has a unique approach to beauty and produces products with sensory scents and textures with elegantly refined complexion.

5. Avene

The company manufactures a full range of hypoallergenic non-comedogenic beauty products. Since inception, the company focuses on addressing the needs of the sensitive skin. The beauty products by Avene feature unique ingredients that meet the high pharmaceutical standards.

Avene manufactures beauty products with a soothing effect on the skin. having been in the beauty industry for close to three centuries, the Avene is trusted by millions of customers worldwide.

6. Klorane

The company started mid 19th Century in Southwest France as a small pharmacist. Driven by a passion for plant extracts, the company produced pure botanical care providing soothing and softening benefits to the skin. Klorane believes in the perfect union of science and plant heritage. 

They create creative and innovative beauty products that are meant for different skin types. They aim at creating more respectful France cosmetics and continue to make strides in quality and sustainable developments.

7. La Roche-Posay

Founded in 1976, La Roche Posay continues to manufacture beauty products that are recommended by dermatologists across the world. The company has formulated high efficacy and safety standards to ensure the production of high-quality skincare products. 

They manufacture products that are differently and carefully formulated while ensuring they address all skin needs including caring for the sensitive skin types. The company is deep-rooted in dermatological heritage with its products developed according to the strict formulation charter that ensures the safety of the consumer.

8. Mustela

Since the mid 19th century, Mustela continues to provide whole family skincare by manufacturing gentle and carefully formulated products. Mustela uses over 95% natural ingredients to manufacture skin-soothing beauty products. Expanscience Laboratories, a dermo-cosmetics laboratory at the heart of France owns the France cosmetics company.

9. Topicrem

Started in 1993 as a pharmaceutical laboratory the company develops effective yet simple skincare products. Topicrem manufactures whole family skincare products meant to ensure gentle care of the whole family including those with more sensitive skin. the company has expanded in over 40 countries owing to the ever-growing demand for their skincare products.

10. Bioderma

Bioderma is a privately owned pharmaceutical company located in France. The company manufacturers medication that is commonly used for treating hair or scalp conditions. founded in 1977, Bioderma continues to manufacture beauty products that are biologically proven to preserve the health and beauty of the skin. for long-lasting skincare, embrace Bioderma beauty products.

That sums up our list of the top 10 French skincare brands. Remember that before investing in either of their French cosmetics, it is important you visit a dermatologist who will advise on the right products for your skin type.

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