Outstanding ASEAN Entrepreneur Women Awards 2019 ft Puan Sri Nisa Bakri

Outstanding ASEAN Entrepreneur Women Awards 2019 ft Puan Sri Nisa Bakri 

It was an inspirational sharing session and afternoon tea with Puan Sri Shariffa Nisa Binti Syed Hamid or known as Puan Sri Nisa Bakri who was recently awarded Outstanding ASEAN Entrepreneur Women Awards 2019 organized by Awen (ASEAN Women's Entrepreneur Network) in Bangkok, Thailand. Congratulations to Puan Sri Nisa Bakri for achieving another milestone and also thanks for sharing your inspirational success story to us. 

Outstanding ASEAN Entrepreneur Women Awards 2019 ft Puan Sri Nisa Bakri

I hope that you will continue to inspire more women out there to have courage, resilience and take bold steps to be an entrepreneur. Well, the Outstanding ASEAN Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards is to acknowledge the accomplishments of extraordinary women from micro, small, medium and large enterprises from each ASEAN Member State, who through their commitment, vision, and leadership, have made a remarkable impact in their field and in society.

Puan Sri Nisa Bakri was awarded with Outstanding ASEAN Entrepreneur Women Awards 2019

These outstanding women are living examples of how innovative businesses, no matter how big or small, can make a significant difference and contribution to society, and the economy as a whole.

There were a total of 40 Malaysian business women in nominations and only nine winners were elected to receive the award at the award-winning night on 21st June 2019 at Hotel JW Marriot, Bangkok, Thailand. And one of them was non other than Puan Sri Nisa Bakri herself.

An Afternoon Tea Session with Puan Sri Nisa Bakri

Puan Sri Nisa Bakri is also the author of "I am Not A Chef" that was launched in November 2015. It’s a very unique cookbook featuring a lifestyle such as romance, food, and, love. A total of 25 traditional recipes that have been given a new touch by her sharing her cooking enthusiasts.

Besides, Puan Sri is also the owner of Serasi Catering, a well-known catering services in F&B industries. During the tea session, Puan Sri shared her journey, it all started from her hobby and passion for cooking, entertaining, and serving food to her friends. Many were impressed with her delicious food and she started to receive reservations from royalties, and close friends.

In December 2015, Puan Sri Nisa Bakri took a step further by starting her own cooking paste brand named "nisabakri". In the beginning there were only 2 types of cooking paste such as asam pedas paste, and fish curry paste. Until today, there are seven types of cooking paste available in the market, such as Asam Pedas Tuanku, Curry Noodle Paste, Chicken Masala Paste, Curry Seafood Paste, Chicken Rendang Betutu, Vegetable Curry Paste, and Mee Curry Terangkat Lele Paste.

Puan Sri also started to promote traditional Malaysian cuisine on local and international TV channel with some of her culinary dishes in 2016. Then in 2017, “nisabakri” cooking paste entered the Indonesian market when Sambal Rasia and Sambal Lemak Cili Api were introduced to Malaysian fans in the neighboring country. Puan Sri NisaBakri also appeared in Metro TV Jakarta in 2018 and promoted his brand.

Then, Puan Sri had the opportunity to serve Malaysian traditional cuisine for 40 Malaysian delegates in Spain in 2017 at a Spanish Restaurant Jaen, owned by Chef Antonio, a 3-star Michelin Chef.

nisabakri cooking paste

In 2018, the brand “nisabakri” was chosen as a food supplier at London Fashion Week 2018. A variety of traditional Malaysian cuisine that has been given a creative touch received praise from guests attending the prestigious show. The traditional Malaysian flavor that gets creative is Chicken ball with Chutney Pudina Sauce, fried Spicy Asam Laksa, Canapes Nasi Lemak cucumber, Peanut and Quinoa, Malaysia Dodol or Malaysian Toffee topping Caramel, Chocolate Brownie, Makmur cakes, and pineapple tarts.

Puan Sri was recognized as the Top Outstanding Gourmet Ambassador at the World Gourmet Award 2018 and recently appointed Culinary Advisor by World Gourmet Award Association 2019.

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An Afternoon Tea Session with Puan Sri Nisa Bakri

It was a truly remarkable and inspiring success story, Puan Sri Nisa Bakri proved that every woman can succeed with her own character. Starting as hobby of cooking, and entertaining friends, she has brought the "nisabakri" brand to the international arena. 

For those women out there don't be afraid to take the first step to be an entrepreneur, as long as you put your effort plus willing to work hard and learn. 

For further inquiries or information about "nisabakri" ccoking paste and Puan Sri Nisa Bakri Awarded with Outstanding ASEAN Entrepreneur Women Awards 2019; please visit or contact Mrs Azah at 60 12-314 7094


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