Benefits of MCT Oil & Foods to Mix With

Benefits of MCT Oil & Foods to Mix With

In your search for a healthier lifestyle, you have heard the rumors about MCT oil, but you don’t really know if you should buy into the hype. What is MCT oil anyways, and are the rumors true? Keep reading to find out all the details and even the best ways to use your MCT oil.

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What is MCT Oil?

MCT Oil does truly provide many health benefits, regardless of what type of healthy lifestyle you choose to follow. The benefits of MCT Oil are both physical and mental. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride and MCT oil contains these fats as the name implies. The medium-chain allows your body to process and digest MCT oil quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of MCT Oil

There are many benefits MCT Oil has when mixed with coffee or other types of shakes or foods. The most common use of MCT Oils is to add them to morning coffee or shakes. MCT is a simple fat that your body converts quite easily to energy, and usually much more efficiently than many other fats.

MCT Oil can be beneficial to your heart, your brain, and even your gut health. Many individuals who use MCT Oil in their coffee find that they have much more clear focus and thinking. MCT Oils are so easily digestible that your gut also reaps the benefits. You will be more regular and you will notice your body feels better overall because your gut is healthy.

MCT Oil can also be beneficial in your weight loss journey. MCT Oil can be beneficial in helping your body get into ketosis when you follow a ketogenic based eating plan. MCT Oils can help you feel more full as well so you aren’t craving extra foods throughout the day.

Mixing MCT Oil with Foods

The most common item to mix MCT oil with is coffee, PowerCreamer is a delicious creamer that has MCT Oil and is keto-friendly. It is also very common to mix MCT oil into keto-friendly shakes or smoothies, as well as salad dressings.

MCT Oil is useful for more than just those coffee and smoothies; you can use MCT Oil in your everyday cooking as well. MCT oil is a form of coconut oil so you can replace your typical coconut oil with MCT oil in all of your cooking. You could also use MCT oil as a drizzle to give your food just a little extra flavor.

MCT Oil is proven to improve brain function, reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s and autism, and promote weight loss functions through a healthy gut. MCT Oil is versatile and easy to use, but has a great flavor when mixed with your every day food and coffee.

MCT Oil is a multi-faceted tool that can help you take both your weight loss and your overall health to the next level. Whether you’re living a ketogenic lifestyle or just want to improve your overall health, MCT Oil is a great option for taking care of you.


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