Weekend Eats @ Setia City Mall Food Carnival

Weekend Eats @ Setia City Mall Food Carnival

Hi! What do you like to do during your weekend in Klang Valley? Well for me besides some ‘me time’, hang-out with friends and family, and there is one thing we all like to do is Eat, Makan, ! Oh yeah! last weekend I had a great and fun makan time @ Setia City Mall Food Carnival. Let’s check out the fun and don’t miss out this food carnival ya. y\You can still head over to the food carnival from 26th to 28th Jul, 2019

Weekend Eats @ Setia City Mall Food Carnival 

Tadah!!! Here are Setia City Mall Food Carnival! I love this very casual, family and child-friendly food carnival. The best part is that we can chill outdoor at the Setia City Park where the family can picnic, children can play and yeah!!! quality time with your loved ones and family.

 Setia City Park, the perfect place for family to relax and picnic

Basically, the food carnival is pretty well organized, they have indoor and outdoor booths, carts, and food trucks also. There are table and chairs outdoor as well as indoor for everyone to dine with comfort. 

There are tables and benches for al-fresco dining too

There will be about 20 vendors at Centre Court and outside the East Entrance featuring both halal and non-halal favourites at separate zones with the wide array of local and international cuisines.

Setia City Mall Food Carnival ~ Outdoor

Great! now lets start to makan-makan! Well, i like to take a leisure stroll and check out the food trucks and booth, especially the outdoor side. Glad that the weather was great that day, there were some breeze and the sun wasn't that blazing.

Setia City Mall Food Carnival ~ Outdoor Sushi King Booth 

It pretty relaxing here, I make a stopped at the Sushi King booth, gosh the pack of sushi is just RM10. At Sushi King booth there was a spin the wheel games and go try it, hopefully you can win a trip to Japan. Then, I headed over to the next booth, Boat Noodle for their Thai Iced Tea, ahhh it's a must! 

Setia City Mall Food Carnival ~ Outdoor Food Trucks

There is durian booth and for durian lovers there will be durian buffet under an all-you-can-eat promotion. Do check out Setia City Mall Facebook for the timing. 

Setia City Mall Food Carnival ~ Durian Booth 

These are the indoor food carnival happening at the main concourse area. The Thai food stall is one of my favourite and there will be other booths selling snacks too, such as Japanese snacks by Nimaco

Setia City Mall Food Carnival ~ Indoor

Some of my favourite spotted at the food carnival

Mini Thai Desserts Corner
Nimaco Japanese Snacks Corner

Ample spaces and table & chairs to dine indoor too

Some entertainment and performances going on

Weekend Eats @ Setia City Mall Food Carnival, Setia City Mall, Food Carnival, Weekend Eats, Food
Strike a pose with the HUGE cup of bubble tea to win cash vouchers, eat, and have fun a weekend

Let's Eat • Makan • 吃! at Setia City Mall’s Food Carnival

Overall I had a great time at Setia City Mall Food Carnival last weekend and hope that you will not miss out this chance to makan there too. Hope can visit the food carnival with your family and friends too. Have a great weekend ahead yo! 

Weekend Eats @ Setia City Mall Food Carnival, Setia City Mall, Food Carnival, Weekend Eats, Food
Weekend Eats @ Setia City Mall Food Carnival 

Setia City Mall’s Food Carnival in conjunction with ‘Eat • Makan • 吃!’ Food Fiesta campaign from 19th to 21st July 2019 and 26th to 28th July 2019 from 4pm to 10pm. 

For more information about Setia City Mall Food Carnival in July Let’s Eat • Makan • 吃! please visit Setia City Mall
Website: www.setiacitymall.com
Facebook: @setiacitymall
Instagram: @setiacity.mall


  1. There's a lot of people going there and ya setia city mall should have this every quarter year right! Cause who doesn't like food festivals with durian some more! Gonna wait for next time~

  2. wow. i love going to this kind of carnival. food!!!
    surely the prices are cheap, right.
    then, got samples. love it!

  3. There's even a Shushi King booth?
    Oh mai, I missed this :(

  4. Wahhhh bestnya dapat makan fav food dekat festival ni. Sushi King dijual murah pulak tu. I suka tengok truck artisanal handmade ice-cream, creative and cantik! Hopefully next year ada lagi food carnival ni.

  5. bestnya!! tapi sayang , dah terlepas. bilalah nak ada lagi carnival food macam ni. bolehlah nak makan sampai kenyang.. kalaua da lgi program macam ni , nk pegilah:) terima kasih share

  6. i dha pergi..sedap semuanya..hahaa..kalau boleh nak pergi beli semua..murah wkatu tu walaupun portion kedcik, tapi puas hati

  7. Amboi besarnya Bubble Tea tu hehehe tak ajak I pun u nak datang makan kat sini hehehe banyak makanan tu boleh habis ker Kelly nanti wakakakaka kita pantang dengar karnival makanan ni...

  8. wah seronok. macam-macam makanan boleh dicuba di sini. I memang suka pergi ekspo yang ada menawarkan pelbagai jenis hidangan. boleh cuba hehehe

  9. Wahh bestnya, tak tahu pulak ada carnival kat setia city ni dah mall, kalau tahu sis dah pergi dengan anak. Banyak pulak makanan tu..sure macam2 sis beli kalau pergi sana..hehehe, rugi betul dah terlepas


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