18 Destinations Perfect for Group Travels

18 Destinations Perfect for Group Travels
As a teenager scrolling through influencers’ Instagram holiday pictures with my best gal pals, there would be collective sighs and exclamations of “That's’ going to be us after we graduate!” Nothing conjured up wanderlust more than perfectly VSCO-ed pictures of girlfriends in bright bikinis on a Bali beach or eating gelato through Florence. Fast forward a few years, and you’re all grown up with some of your own money, yet, there is an aching longing deep within you to travel together with your besties. Traveling as a group of friends makes for very cherished memories, so here is a list of 18 places that you can jet off together as a group!

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Don’t be intimidated by its’ temperatures and virtually unpronounceable city names. Iceland is of the most incredible natural landscapes of this world, with a blend of sleek, modern cities and vast wilderness. There is adventure awaiting every turn here, so if your group is decidedly more adventurous, this is perfect for you. 

Book a guide to bring you through the stunning Golden Circle; they will take you to the Gullfoss Waterfall, Thingvellir National Park, and spouting geysers. The world-famous Blue Lagoon spa is also located here, so make sure you set some time aside for a dip in this natural hot spring!

Montreal, Canada

If you’re on a tight timeline, Montreal is for you. It’s like a little slice of France without a ten-hour flight, and your high school French lessons will come in handy when you need to get around and order all the cafe lattes you want. 

Old Montreal is a lovely old town full of tasteful shops and great food. The nightlife scene is popping here too, so you can still have a wild night or two at the clubs.  day, take a walk through the beautiful Botanical Gardens or catch the stunning views from Mount Royal.

Destination Kohler, Wisconsin

This village is perfect for those who love the great outdoors. It’s full of chic lodges and activity clubs, with a range of great group activities from horse-riding, fishing, pheasant hunting and golfing. It’s also home to a world-class spa, so after a long day of gritting it out in the American open, you can wind down and get those muscles relaxed with your pals.

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley remains one of the most beautiful places in the USA with its’ incredible landscapes and even better food. If you’re a group of food and wine enthusiasts, this is the destination for you. 

November to April is Cabernet Season for those who love a good old red, and if possible, you can even choose to intentionally schedule your holiday period so that it coincides with the Napa Valley Truffle Festival in January. And, it doesn’t get better that the Wine Train is a restored historic train that offers a scenic wine tour through the vineyards.

Cartagena, Colombia

South America is always charming thanks to its’ rich colonial heritage coupled with tropical heat. Cartagena is America’s oldest port city and sits right on the Caribbean, making it a great destination for those who want a combination of both beach and city. 

The vibrant, walled Old City has a bohemian vibe and is full of great restaurants, offering both high-end restaurants and authentic street food, coupled with an exciting nightlife. If you fancy the beach, take a cruise out to Isla de Baru for the pristine sands of Playa Blanca.

Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels never disappoints, and you’ll never be short of things to do here. Hit up Koreatown for a day of non-stop eating, then burn it all off the next day by hiking through Runyon Canyon to see the Hollywood sign. Spend a day at Venice Beach to catch a surf, or some hunky surfers doing their thing. The casual glamor of Los Angeles is what makes it So-Cal, and you might even catch some celebrities on their morning walk.

Helsinki, Finland

A thoroughly modern city bursting with Scandinavian sleekness, this is for those who love architecture and design. You’ll be wowed by the thoughtful designs of buildings all around, and there is certainly no shortage of museums for you to spend the day at. 

The central market is open from 8 am to 4 pm and you can find trinkets, souvenirs and of course, food in this quaint little part of town. If you fancy, you can take a ferry out to Suomenlinna to see an 18th-century sea fortress and hike through the walking trails of the six islands it spans over.

St. Lucia

If the weekly SoulCycle and hot yoga classes aren’t doing enough to keep the stress levels at bay, our suggestion is to take a retreat with your yoga buddies to St. Lucia. This lovely Caribbean island is home to BodyHoliday, a spa resort with clean foods and exciting fitness regimes (why do spinning and yoga separately when you can combine it and get Spoga?), perfect for a few days of cleansing and rebalancing.

Nashville, Tennessee

Lovers of country music should definitely take a culture trip to where it all began. The city of full of historical musical landmarks such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and the iconic Ryman Auditorium, which saw legends like Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley. The neon lights of the South Broadway neighborhood is full of coffee houses, pubs, and restaurants for you to eat your fill.

Sanya, China

The Hainan province of China is home to some truly beautiful beaches. This highly modern tourist spot offers all sorts of luxuries like golf courses, high-end shopping, and incredible food. EDITION Hotel is pushing the boundaries of greatness with its’ highly impressive functions and services like a private beach, sky bar, six swimming pools, rock climbing, and even electric car racing. You and your friends will be spoilt for choice of activities here!

Sedona, Arizona

For a truly restful trip, one must get in touch with their chakras. Here in Sedona, you’ll get to find inner peace by being one with nature. Hike through the Red Rock State Park for incredible views of the famous red sandstone canyon, and relax those tired muscles with a massage at L’Auberge de Sedona. 

You’ll also find lots of organic treats and trinkets at Tlaquepaque and Highway 89A. End your day by having a little picnic with your buddies whilst watching the sunset over the desert.

Beaver Creek Colorado

Head up to Trappers Cabin at Beaver Creek Resort for a holiday in rustic luxury. You can get a lodge for up to ten, complete with a cozy fireplace and hot tub for the night. The skiing slopes are right at your feet once you step outside the door, so if you’ve never taken a ski trip with pals before this is a perfect opportunity. If you go in summer, you can mountain bike or hike together through the Colorado mountains, admiring the scenic landscape. You will definitely be in for an exciting adventure at the resort…


The capital, Antigua, is a vibrant, bustling city full of colors and colonial architecture. The landscape is a blend of volcanoes, lakes, and hills that make it perfect for daytime exploring. Make a visit to the famous Lake Atitlan, framed by three volcanoes, this is one of the best places to catch a sunset at with your companions. You can head down to Tikal National Park if you want even more adventuring, or stop by the Chichicastenango Market where you can find all sorts of native handicraft and trinkets.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Game of Thrones fans, listen up! The stunning walled city of Dubrovnik was used as a filming location for the show. If you take a Game of Thrones walking tour, they’ll bring you to the sets for Kings Landing and Meereen. Apart from that, there is so much to do in this beautiful city. Take a cable car up to see the whole city from a birds eye, or visit the many beaches that line the Adriatic Coast.

Austin, Texas

If you’re all big foodies, Austin is the place to be. Whether it be doughnuts at Gourdoughs, Torchy Tacos or Franklin Barbeques, you’ll never be hungry in the culinary heart of the South. Food trucks and street stalls line the roads, so it isn’t difficult to find a taco truck for your hungover breakfast following the night at the brewery. If it’s hot, put on your swimsuit and head to Lady Bird Lake for a refreshing dip.

Danube River Cruise

Europe is a great place to city-hop, but when in a group, it can be tedious, tiring and stressful to try and cat hall your flights, trains, and buses. Enter the Danube river cruises. They will take you through the most beautiful European cities like Vienna, Budapest, Munich, and Prague without the hassle of transport. 

Depending on which cruise you choose, you’ll get slightly different experiences, so pick something with an itinerary that appeals to all. Our pick is the Adventures by Disney cruise that includes a visit to the Austrian Alps and an underground lake. You’ll also get to indulge your sweet tooth with a chocolate factory tasting session!


Home of pizza, pasta, gelato… Italy is a place that will charm you forever. Up in the North, if you want a girls’ shopping trip, head to Milan where the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele will astound you. Venice is always a good idea too, with fresh seafood and its haunting waterways at every turn. Cinque Terre is another incredible coast side town to visit, with hiking trails and beaches galore. 

If you’re more of a cultured group, Verona and Florence are full of culture, history and museums to douse yourself in the Renaissance. The Tuscan region is a lush countryside, and you can have a little retreat among vineyards and lemon groves. Further down south, head to Rome and Naples for the best pizza in the world. If you have a bit more budget, the stunning Amalfi Coast with Positano and Capri is sure to blow your mind. 


The U.K. isn’t all London and Edinburgh, it’s also home to some of the most beautiful landscapes that have inspired poets and artists through the centuries. Lake District in Cumbria is full of lush, rolling hills and numerous lakes perfect for scenic walks and rowing. 

You can stay in a cottage, perfect for a group trip, for a full English experience. The largely overlooked North Wales is home to the Llyn Peninsula, full of seaside towns and beaches for surfing. You can go exploring in coves and marvel at the sites of old Briton history.

As you can see, there are so many beautiful places to visit, so have a few options and pick out the activities you all want to do the most. After all, it’s a group trip, so what you plan to do should be what everyone will enjoy. 

Oh, and if you’re planning on a beach holiday, you should definitely check out the best unicorn floats for some hot squad goal photographs! Everyone on Instagram will be green with jealousy. Happy travels!

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